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Latin Grammys 2012 Performances: Best and Worst

by Amanda La Gringa
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Latin Grammys 2012 Performances: Best and Worst

Last week, Las Gringas were tweeting the night away with #FordEnEspanol and enjoying the awesome premios show that is the Latin Grammys. While we love the red carpet, the vestidos and big wins… obvio, this noche is all about the performances. This year, there were definitely some stand-out shows…como Michele Telo, Pitbull, Jesse y Joy, and others that won’t go down as my favorites like with 3Ball MTY and Juan Magan.

Lo Mejor:

  • Michel Teló with the Blue Man Group: Because whoever thought of that combo is a genius….and suddenly the song I was totally bored of months ago is now awesome again


  • Pitbull by himself and then Pitbull with Sensato: Because who else should open AND close this show than the king of the Latin and Gringo airwaves right now, Mr. Worldwide. La Rubia prefers his closing performance with Sensato…while I’m partial to “Dont Stop the Party” that got the night going:


  • Jesse y Joy perform “Corre:” Because they didn’t take home a handful of Latin Grammys that noche for no reason! Who needs the dancers all over the stage, Joy’s spectacular voice is enough to carry this performance any day.


Lo Peor:

  • Juan Magan featuring Nobody: Because even though we heart this DJ, it wasn’t his best performance. He does really well when tag-teaming and you can tell he is a little overwhelmed by having the large scenario to himself…I blame Don Omar who decided to ditch the show because…he apparently had better things to do than perform with Juan.


  • 3Ball MTY and some guy from LMFAO: Because although these dudes totally deserve the honor of being the Best New Group, I’m tired of this song and adding random break dancers didn’t do it for me. Also, why are we bringing LMFAO in on this? The Blue Man Group was random yet amazing, but there was the Vegas connection…this surprise just left me confundida.


Pero ya, enough from me! Who are your faves and not-so-faves from the 2012 Latin Grammys?

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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