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Latino Travel: 10 Things that Only Happen to Latinos

by Amanda La Gringa
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If you are Latino, you are very familiar with the Latino travel…which really means a bunch of you and 15 of your close cousins running from one place to the other with a horrible number of bags and carry-ons on shoulders, waists, and hands.

f you like Buzzfeed.com lists and a hilarious point of view for all things Latino and travel, this post is for you.

1. Everyone in your party responds to “OYE,” “GUEY,” or “OYE GUEY”



2. Travel parties are multi-generational, which means abuelita is three gates behind and Junior already needs a diaper change.

Latino Travel


3. It’s okay to congregate in the middle of the seats as you are boarding – at least 4 of you will negotiate a change of seats to be as close together as possible. Because that’s the whole point of  travel, right? Juntos Y revueltos.


4. At least 2 of you won’t speak Spanish, and three of you won’t speak English – that’s why Latinos just have to speak with their hands. It’s a very useful skill for movies, during airport announcements and overall family life – we also speak very loudly.

5. You are the most likely passengers to board with empanadas, tamales, tacos, burritos, pastelitos or all of the above. There’s always a good reason to eat, especially if we are in familia.

6. You text immediately after you get to the airport (“Just got to the airport!”), at the gate (“Just got to the gate!”), on the plane (“Just got on the plane!”), and when you land (“Oye. We just landed.”). To at least 12 close family members – but not necessarily the ones traveling with you.

7. One checked baggage is all sourvenirs, artesanias, and regalitos for the familia.

8. You know you are going to spend 80% of the trip looking for sourvenirs, artesanias and regalitos for the familia.

9. Comfortable travel gear includes wedges, sneakers with wedges, extra skinny jeans, push up bra, and a dozen bangles. But you have to change the minute you land, para estar presentable.

Hey, she has sweat pants!

10. You don’t understand why Tabasco sauce can’t come in 3 oz containers…


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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