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Are Maluma and Belinda novios or just amigos?

by Amanda La Gringa
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All of the chicas want to know, right? Are Maluma and Belinda novios? There has been a lot of speculation on the matter, while both sides continue to deny that they are anything but amigos! So, we did a little digging on the matter and here are the most recent updates on the novios or amigos question that all the #MalumaFamily wants to know!


During a recent entrevista at the El Calibash 2015, Maluma says straight out that they are just friends who are working together on a project. Watch it for yourself aquí:


According to Televisa Esptáculos, Belinda was quoted saying:

“No es cierto, no tengo novio y Maluma no es mi pareja. Es únicamente mi amigo y nada más. Es un compañero de trabajo muy talentoso y nos llevamos muy bien, pero solo nos hemos visto para cuestiones laborales.”


Even though they both deny the relationship, everyone looks to las redes sociales for clues about their romance. Belinda, who has had some novio drama unfold on Twitter before, could be leaving hints about this romance!

Last month, she tweeted the following African proverb:

Seems normal, right? Well, the quote does hint at her being “acompañado” but no one paid much attention to the tweet until Maluma posted the identical proverb on his Twitter handle one month later.

So maybe this is evidence of a noviazgo…or maybe its just two friends who really like to share the same African proverbs on Twitter. Hay que esperar para ver!

What do you think? Are Maluma and Belinda novios or just amigos?

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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