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Mara: “Oye”

by La Rubia
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Ridiculous Lyric: You Better Not Be Acting Like Peter Pan!

This song really is just plain hot. Just listening to it can make you feel sexy, and for the most part, the lyrics are…okay. By this I mean, nothing stands out as too absurd. That is except for one tiny lyric in the middle. Mara lays down a standard for male behavior with a comparison that is just plain…ridiculous.

I know we all have an idea of what “the perfect” guy/girl is, and a lot of times we look to those pop cultural references for clues as to what this person is supposed to be like (por ejemplo, guys think “I want my girl to have a booty like JLo” girls think, “I’d like my man to have Pitbull’s, um, rapping skills). In Mara’s “Oye” she pits two familiar characters against each other that I’m not entirely sure are actually opposites. Here is the lyric:

Yo solo espero que te portes como súper man
Tanto que hablaste no salgas como Peter Pan

So, guys, apparantly, your options are either Superman or Peter Pan, and I think its pretty clear what Mara thinks of Peter. I personally think this is a little unfair to Peter Pan. I guess she’s basically saying, don’t act like a child but be a big strong man? This just seems like an odd way to put it to me!

Besides this one ridiculous lyric, this is a super fun song (I guarantee it will make you want to shake it. They even created a Zumba routine for it, if you’re into that!). Also, the video for it is pretty awesome too. Mara seems like she’s super sassy, and not willing to put up with anyone’s basura. So, maybe she has a right to make ridiculous comparisons!

Watch the video aquì!


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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