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Meet with an Expert at Sears

by Las Gringas
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Meet with an Expert at Sears

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Sears. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

After moving in to my new place, I realized just how overwhelming it can be to find everything you need for a nueva casa. Especially when it comes to choosing a new appliance…it really is a big decision, involving so many options! I’m definitely one of those people who tries to dig through the endless online reviews in order to help me make a decision, but I usually just end up feeling more confused than when I started! However, since I’ve partnered with Sears, I learned all about their “Meet With An Expert” program where they help you compare models, answer your questions and give their opinions on particular units, right in the store #IRL!

This really comes in handy when you’re shopping for a new laundry machine, refrigerator or dishwasher and you need some advice, but on your own schedule. There’s a lot of information out there to take into account and its so easy to get sucked into reading hours and hours of online reviews and product guides. Whether you’ve got questions on setting up a new laundry combo or picking out a microwave for the kitchen, you can get easy answers on the items you want by meeting with a knowledgeable associate at Sears.


What’s also cool is that you can actually plan in advance to make sure there is someone waiting to speak with you: scheduling is easy—you pick the time and store! All you have to do is access the “Meet With An Expert” service online directly from the appliance you are interested in purchasing. Just click the “Meet with an expert” and complete the pop-up form Then a knowledgeable associate from Sears will call you back to confirm an appointment. Once you arrive at your appointment, you can enjoy shopping top products with your expert. They’ll stay with you as long as you need. There’s extra support for if you want to continue your shopping at home with a shopping recap – an email that summarizes information and items discussed with the Sears associate in-store. Que cool, verdad? You can learn more about this service at Sears.com/ExpertAdvice


While I was in the store learning about the Expert Service, I also checked out “Reserve It” where you can shop for products online and then place them on hold with just one click and then try them on in-store! Reserve It combines the physical world of shopping – including the ability to touch, feel and try on fashion, accessories or footwear – with the digital world of ecommerce that allows you to shop whenever and wherever they want.

So that you can try these services out on your own, Sears is providing us a $25 gift card to give away! Just visit Las Gringas Blog on Instagram to enter to win! Also, make sure you check out the hot appliance deals and more during the upcoming Family & Friends event taking place on 11/8!

Sears Gift Card Giveaway

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