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Juan Luis “Juancho” Menealo

by Amanda La Gringa
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Juan Luis “Juancho” Menealo.

I first heard “Menealo” by Juan Luis “Juancho” on the radio in Miami several months ago, and as it typically goes with most catchy merengue-reggaeton beats, I fell in love and proceeded to dance in my car whenever the tune come on! But, as with any genre, you never know which songs really have staying power. However, this canción, instead of slowing, down, is getting more and more popular by the day in the 305. “Menealo” has even made its way into my Zumba class!

The video, which you can tell is definitely set in Miami, really made me giggle. While I’m going to pretend like the scene with the water hose didn’t happen…Juancho really does have some moves (check them out in the video below)! Plus, any video that features Real Sangria is officially aprobado by Las Gringas!

So tell me, is this just a Miami thing or is anyone else hearing this canción on the radio in their city. And do you love it as much as us?

Watch “Menealo” Ahora!



google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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