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Miami Musts: Orange Is The New Wack @ Villain Theater

by Guest Gringa
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Miami Musts: Orange Is The New Wack @ Villain Theater

In the mood to laugh this weekend? Where in Miami can you go see a bilingue comedy show? Villain Theater, of course! One of Miami’s best kept secrets is a small, intimate theater in Little River called Villain Theater. Co-owned by Jeff Quintana and Peter Mir, Villain Theater opened its doors last year as a full blown comedy and performance theater. Best part? They perform in los dos Ingles y Espanol, para que te reis en las dos idiomas! Check out this video of Villain performers doing their sketch “El Tintoreria”!

Every Saturday night Villain Theater has their “Saturday Gigantic” show, which is four comedy shows, back to back. Nod of respect to Don Francisco, te quieremos mucho, viejo! One of the Saturday Gigantic shows is “Orange Is The New Wack”, an all women troupe of improvisers who are sharp, sassy, and not putting up con tus excusas. And don’t miss the Miami Noise Machine Show, which is a musical improv performance where people make up their own songs on the spot! Once a month on Friday nights Villain offers their T.G.I.F show, a night of both improvised and sketch comedy goodness!

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This weekend, Villain hosts a special guest: Mick Napier, improv teacher extraordinaire from Chicago. Mitch has coached some of the comedy greats, such as Tina Fey and Steve Colbert. Mitch is bringing a group of eleven Improvisors from Chicago to guest perform on the Villain Theater stage. Come check out some of comedy’s greatest improvisors for a fraction of the cost of a plane ticket to Chicago.

In addition to their shows, Villaint theater offers classes each week, such as Intro to Improv and Sketch Writing. If you’ve ever wanted to break into comedy, here’s your chance! Villain Theater is one of the best emerging comedy theaters in the nation, con influencias latina!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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