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Last Minute Gifts from Avon

by Amanda La Gringa
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Last Minute Gifts from Avon

As I was getting my last minute shopping done, I realized I was stuck on a few people that I just hadn’t found the right regalo for them! Lucky enough, our friends at Avon connected me and offered to put one of their representatives on the job and help me find the perfect gifts for them! So, I shared a little bit about the people left on my list to Avon Representative Milagros Garcia and she got on the case! She matched the person/style with what she thought would be the best match for them! What a lifesaver! Check out her recommendations:

For my Mother, who prefer subtle make-up and scents:

  1. Milagros favorite soft make up, the True Color Eyeshadow Quad Warm Sunrise
  2. The superExtend Winged out Mascara is light and brings out the lashes with a very natural look
  3. Floral fragrances make a great a gift, so she recommend her favorite: Today Tomorrow Always Amour Avon Gifts

For my young Prima, who likes fun shades and playing with bright colors:

  1. Milagros chose the metallic fringe top coat Tasseled Trim. It has the perfect blue sparkle to combine with the Shimmer Cosmic Blue Nailwear Pro+
  2. The Aqua Pop Supershock Gel Eye Liner….super fun color for a teenager! AvonGiftIdeas
  3. The Ultra Color Glossy Tube in the cream shineberry. It’s easy to apply. Teenagers love lip gloss!

For my Co-Worker, who likes make-up that will last from daytime to happy hour!

  1. The Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow Sweetheart Plum is perfect because it has shades that can be used for the day and night. It is also shimmery and bold! Avon EyeShadow
  2. The Lip Stain and balm is long lasting, easy to apply and a lip color for active women. The color stays so that she would look beautiful and put together all day long.
  3. For her fragrance she would love the Avon Passion Collection Gift Set. This is a bold and elegant fragrance. She will be smelling fresh and sexy all day long. It’s also beautifully packaged for gift giving.

Love this recommendations! Thanks again to Avon and Milagros for taking the time to help me put this together in rapid speed so I can get these wrapped before the gift exchange is here! If you want to learn more about Milagros and how to get in touch with her, check out her video story here! 

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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