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Mira Quien Baila #CompaneroPerfecto Twitter Party with Coffee-mate

by Las Gringas
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Join Our Mira Quien Baila #CompaneroPerfecto Twitter Party with Coffee-mate!

The season finale of Univision‘s Mira Quien Baila airs this Domingo, and you better believe, we’re ready for another fun Twitter fiesta during the last episode of the temporada! We’ve partnered with Coffee-mate twice this season already to host these fun Twitter chats, and they’ve been a huge success. Pues, we are really emocionadas now because we can only imagine that our third and final chat will be just as exciting, if not más exciting, than the first two!

Be sure to join us on Sunday, November 24th at 9pm EST as we tweet the noche away and continue cheering on our fave #MQB estrellas from Season 4 all the way to the end! Claro, you have the chance to win great prizes including $50 restaurant gift cards! Get all the detalles below!


Quieres sabar como participar en el Twitter Party?! It’s very facil, just follow these pasos:

#1) Get on Twitter y chat with us on:

  • November 24th at 6PST/ 8PM CST/9PM EST

#2) Follow these accounts:

#3) Tweet usando siempre #CompaneroPerfecto

#4) RSVP on Las Gringas Blog Facebook

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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