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Must-Have Personalized Decorations & Favors for your Rustic Wedding

by Amanda La Gringa
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Must-Have Personalized Decorations & Favors for your Rustic Wedding

After all the planning and purchasing, sometimes the finishing touches of your wedding like personalized decorations and wedding guest favors are the ones that fall through the crack. This is totally a bummer since these little touches are sometimes the most memorable for you and your wedding guests! The key to making sure these elements aren’t overlooked is to make these decisions early in the process, before things start getting crazy. Keeping in mind, as well, that personalized items will take some additional production time!

So while there are tons of options of personalized decor and well as wedding guests favors, there are defintely some items that stand out for those who are planning a rustic wedding. Between the wide variety of options available on Wedding Paper Divas and Shutterfly, you can really add some special touches to your wedding that will stay on-theme!

  • Personalized napkins & coastersWhat’s great about this personalized item, is that if you are smart about it, you can use them for your shower and reception! Consider exclusing the wedding date and focus on some other element of your wedding (hashtag or wedding theme), so that you can order a larger amount and save on shipping.
  • Song request cards: If you decide to open up the music list to your guests, you could consider helping your DJ out a bit by providing song request cards. What’s great about Wedding Paper Divas, is that they have a large variety of style options so you can stay on-theme and in some cases, even match your other decorations exactly!
  • Interactive games: Great for those weddings who don’t have much of a “cocktail hour” and you need to keep your guest entertained while you get ready to make your big entrance – Wedding Paper Divas offers some fun options for interactive games that can be 100% customized. These really are a memorable surprise for your guest and really great if you have children attending the wedding who might need an extra element of kid-friendly entertainment! 
  • Engraved mason jarsDefintely the most MUST-HAVE on the list if you are planning a rustic wedding, the personalized mason jars from Shutterfly come in a variety of styles so you can match them to your theme. Consider using these to also help your guests find their seat by adding a tag to your jar with their name and table number! 
  • Engraved copper flasks & beer growlersNow if you really want to WOW your wedding guests (or maybe just your wedding party), consider personalizing some of the fabulous flasks and growlers available from Shutterfly. The copper style goes particularly well with the rustic or country-theme weddings! 

Have you come across any other must-have personalized decor and wedding favor items that you think should be included in this list? Let us know below in the comment section! Also, make sure you check out Wedding Paper Divas and Shutterfly when you are ready to make those wedding decisions! we

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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