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Pachanga Festival Must-See List

by La Rubia
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Calle 13 y Más at Pachanga Latino Music Festival: La Rubia’s Top 3 Must-See!

So, we let you know a few weeks ago that the annual Pachanga Latino Music Festival was coming up May 11th-12th in Austin, TX. We gave you the list of performers, and let you know that we were super emocianda! (There will be 4 stages featuring 20 bands, and that’s a whole lot música for a gringa!) Well, ahora, we’ve got the complete schedule, and we’re gonna let you know who we simply refuse to miss!

First, let me say, I love festivals. Whoever decided that getting a bunch of awesome musical groups together in one place for a couple days (or más) for everyone to just chill and enojy la música, is a genius. And claro, the organizers of  Pachanga are even more brilliant because they’re including food and art  in the whole experience as well. But back to the line-up! Aquí is what we won’t be missing:


La Roja and I have been in love with this Puerto Rican duo since…well, since the very beginning. This is one of the bands that helped us gringas bond over our love for all things Latino. Now, she has had the chance to see them perform (hello, Latin Grammys in Vegas!), but I haven’t. So, you better believe I will be front and center!

Ana Tijoux

I really don’t know how else to say this, but this Latina is pure bad-ass. Hailing from Chile, she’s been on the music scene for years, and is a seriously legit rapper. I have no doubt that she will dominate as soon as she hits the stage, and I’ll be there to witness it!


Honestamente,  I hadn’t heard of this group until I saw the complete line-up for the festival, but I’m really glad I finally found out about them. They’re labled as  “future rock”, and they have a very unique sound that is musically raw and lyrically bold. In my experience, rockers give some of the best live shows,  and I’m ready to see these guys have to offer en persona.

Truth be told, the Pachanga organizers have done a really amazing job gathering a great line-up that is musically diverse and full of unique talent, and I will be happy with whoever I’m able to catch. But, if pressed…those my 3 “must-sees”! Check the complete schedule below, and don’t forget to head over to the Official Pachanga Site!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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