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Penelope Cruz Launches Anti-Fur Campaign

by La Rubia
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Spanish Beauty, Penelope Cruz,  Gives a -Sexy- Cold Shoulder to Fur!

Just in time for New York Fashion Week, PETA has installed a 70ft billboard over Madison Square Garden featuring Spanish beauty and animal lover, Penelope Cruz.

This ad is part of a continuing campaign to end the abuse of animals worldwide, and the popular actress is adding her…voice…to an already long list of celebrity protestors. Others who have bared more than a cold shoulder for PETA include Eva Mendez, Kloe Kardashian, Christian Serratos and many more. Click here to see more of these striking anti-fur, pro-skin ads.

The striking photograph shows Cruz, 37, looking back over her shoulder at the camera alongside the tag-line: ‘Give Fur the Cold Shoulder.’ PETA chose Penelope for the obvious reason, she is a prominent actress with a lot of pull. More importantly though, she has an impeccable track record. Over the years she has appeared on many the red carpet, a vision of impeccable glamour and poise…without a stich of fur on her. She also shows her love in her personal life by adopting furry friends in need of homes.

This story got our attention because it is great to see celebrities put their names behind a cause they’re obviously passionate about. Additionally, it is awesome to see that women are being sought after to represent national campaigns both non-profit and commercial.

If you were a celebrity, what would you use your fame to support??

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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