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Pitbull at Beale Street Music Festival

by La Rubia
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Pitbull Put On One Hell of a Show at the Beale Street Music Festival.

When Las Gringas were in Memphis, TN just a few days ago for the Beale Street Music Festival, the local radio stations were playing Pitbull nonstop. So, at a minimum, the music fest attendees knew all about Mr. Worldwide and his music. But I am not entirely sure that they were prepared for the sheer awesomeness of his performance. Listos or not though, they got it because Pit always delivers.


I know that not everyone is as into Pitbull as La Roja and I are, but no matter how you feel about his music (that’s another debate por un otro dia), you just can’t deny that this man knows how to put on a show. Maybe he takes a shot of Voli before he hits the stage, or more likely he takes a Sheet, whatever it is, Pit is just a ball of pure Cuban energy rocketing around the stage, jumping, rapping, singing and dancing all over the place, sometimes even grabbing a drumstick and helping out his percussionist.


Speaking of his boundless energy, can we all just take a moment to collectively appreciate just how well this man can keep time with his, er, hips. During the set he referenced Elvis pandering to the Memphis crowd, and it struck me that just like the King used to drive the ladies crazy with his dance moves, Pitbull has the same effect on his fans. There isn’t anyway to describe his very particular skill set without getting blush-worthy graphic. So, I’ll just say use your imagination (and yes, its that awesome).


Besides the dancing…I mean his energy and charisma…I also appreciated how well-rounded his set was. As someone who has been listening to his music, um, since the very beginning, it’s always fun when he breaks into one of his classics like “Hotel Room Service” “I Know You Want Me” or “Culo“. We also got last summer’s hit, “Rain Over Me” that never gets old, one of my absolute favorites, “Shut It Down“, his latest “Back In Time” from the MIB3 soundtrack, which made me really happy, y más.


This was actually the fourth time I’ve seen him perform live, but I’m gonna go ahead and say that this time, I had the best seat…ever. Don’t ask me how, but La Roja and I pleasantly found ourselves on stage. Aside from sitting in his lap (wonder how I could swing that…)I’m thinking, this is as good a seat a gringa can get!


Despite the phenomenal experience of seeing the show from approximately five feet away, its muy fácil to pinpoint the best part of the evening. And that would be when Las Gringas actually got to meet Pitbull. Mr. 305 raps a big game in his music, but I am happy to report that he couldn’t be any nicer! I’m not gonna lie…it all happened really fast and was pretty surreal. I definitely didn’t manage to say anything intelligible, but Pit just smiled and greeted me anyway like he had all the time in the world to deal with a frazzled gringa. Next time, I’ll get a whole sentence out!

Special shout out to BSMF for snagging Pitbull for the 2012 Line-up. I hope this means we will be seeing more Latino artists featured here in the future!

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google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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