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Pitbull, Chris Brown Lip-synching Performance

by Amanda La Gringa
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Oh My Miercoles: Pitbull, Chris Brown Lip-synching Performance

As I’m prepping for awards season in Miami, I was reminded of one of my least favorite performances  during last year’s Premio Lo Nuestro…courtesy of my main main, Pitbull, and one of Las Gringas’s least favorite cantantes of all time, Chris Brown. During this headlining performance, the duo teamed up to sing lip-synch their pop hit “International Love“….oh, did I just say the “L” word?

While we are not ignorant to the fact that so many artists these days opt to sing over tracks in order to put more energy into their dance routines or to ensure spot-on delivery, this attempt is just sad…particularly in the case of Chris Brown.

While Pit does what he is supposed to and keeps the mic close to his mouth (please note you can still him singing live through-out the song), Brown decides he is just over trying to fake it and pulls his mic away for a good chunk of the vocals. Que horror!

Check out the vid aqui and let us know what you think!


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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