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Pitbull ft. Shakira Get It Started Video

by La Rubia
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Pitbull and Shakira Really Get It Started In New Video.

At some point, someone, somewhere raised the bar on the quality of music videos, and Pitbull‘s new video for “Get It Started” featuring Shakira hits this bar and goes beyond. You can’t just have people standing around dancing in front of the camera anymore. No, you have to have a story, and that’s exactly what we have aqui…complete with a hero, a damsel in distress, bad guys, a car chase, and international intrigue…all wrapped up in a sexy four and a half minute package.

In this video, Mr. Worldwide basically offers up a mini-spy(-esque) movie. You’ve got Pit in the lead rescuing (I think) a beautiful woman from what appears to be a not-so-fun relationship with a guy who might be a prince/international criminal/rich bad guy (whatever! He has bodyguards…), who definitely has some anger management issues. He doesn’t want his girl to dance all up in the club (jerk), but we all know that’s what Pit is all about (awesome). So, he helps a girl out and she rewards him with a little sexy-lingerie couch time (not a bad deal). Plus, in the middle of alllll that we get some great shots of Shakira looking gorgeous…as usual!

Nerd moment: I think what really makes this video so great to me…is the editing. It is completely clean, on point and in time with the music similar to what we saw in Latinos In Paris. You really don’t notice it but it still has an influence on you as a viewer, and it adds to the emotional impact of your experience. Looking back at previous videos, its clear, this chico is stepping up his game all over the place.

Really though, let’s be honest. The best thing about this video is the self congratulatory conclusion where Pitbull takes his new girlfriend to his own concert, and she is very clearly having the best time ever. Its basically the visual equivalent of standing up and saying out loud, yes, I am this awesome. But, hey, I guess you get to do that when your nickname is “Mr. Worldwide“…

Watch Pitbull y Shakira’s New Vid for “Get It Started” Ahora! (Seriously, do it now.)


Gringa Bonus Round (aka Things I Just Really Love About This Vid but Couldn’t Fit Into A Cohesive Paragraph…)

1) Pitbull makes the best ever raised eyebrow what-do-you-want-I’m-busy-being-awesome facial expression.

2) I like that even though they are running away from body guards…Pitbull still takes the time to open the car door for the heroine. How chivalrous.

3) I still don’t understand what the “Tom Cruise” lyric is all about…but not-so-secretly hope it means Pitbull will be in the next Mission Impossible installment.

4) Shakira’s dress + shoulder necklace = amazingness.

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Leanne August 3, 2012 - 12:26 pm

Loved the video. Very entertaining and sexy. I think Pitbull is ready yo do a movie (spy role perhaps, def the hero). Loved this article too

SCSensei August 3, 2012 - 12:28 pm

I thought I might be the only one wondering about the Tom Cruise reference… thought it might have been Taio Cruz since they did some concerts together but think it definately is Tom – maybe he showed up at one of his concerts in Mumbai??? hmmm just glad I wasn’t alone on that one!

I thought the choice of a tiny little itsy bitsy Fiat was an interesting getaway car but then remembered that JLo is an endorser of Fiat …the sponsorship $/friendship wheel goes round and round

Overall, I loved the video because… well because of all the reasons we love Pit and because i love the song. And thank GOODNESS it is a departure from the old video’s of blue screens and chicks, just so much more professional.

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