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Pitbull: Lyrical Lessons

by La Rubia
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8 Lessons We Can All Learn From Pitbull’s Lyrics.

Well, hoy is Pitbull‘s birthday, and in honor of his being another year older and another year wiser, I’ve put together a list of some of the many pearls of wisdom Mr. Worldwide has given us through his years of hit making. Sure, we tease Pit for some of his more giggle inducing lyrics (RE: rhyming Kodak with Kodak or the super random parlay with partay), but amidst all the booty shaking non-stop pop/Latin/hip hop fiiiiiesta that is Mr. 305’s catalog of songs, there are a variety of things, ranging in category from economics to how to chill, that we could allllll learn. Find my all time Top 8 Lyrical Lessons from Pitbull below.

  • Lesson #1 comes from his collab with Marc Anthony, “Rain Over Me“, specifically this lyric: “A billion’s the new million…” What can we learn here? You don’t have to have a PhD to talk economics, inflation is a real thing, people, better watch it.
  • Lesson #2 is offered up in the brief rap (“I’m like global warming. They think I just started heating things up, but I’ve been here.“) embedded in the tail end of Enrique Iglesias‘ uplifting “I Like How It Feels,” and it basically settles the controversy that has plagued the international political and scientific communities for decades: IS GLOBAL WARMING REAL? Uhhhh, yeah it is and it’s here. So is Pitbull, bam!
  • Shifting gears from such scholarly topics, Lesson #3 is featured in the Ne-Yo/Nayer collaboration “Give Me Everything“. Pit just wants to remind everyone that hey, it’s important to take a night off every now and again and enjoy yourself…”because we might not get tomorrow…” You know that’s right. Someone pour me a draaank!
  • Lesson #5 is a bit of a no brainer, but a wise admonition none the less! Essentially, Pitbull used his song “Fuego” (“Ten cuidado con el fuego“) to help out firemen and emergency rooms everywhere and take a couple minutes to remind everyone that it’s probably not the best idea to play with fire. Kids, are you listening?? “…it’ll burn!”
  • Lesson #6 is another good one for the kiddos from his fan favorite “International Love” where he proclaims, “I don’t play football, but I’ve touched down everywhere…I don’t play baseball, but I’ve hit a home run everywhere…” What can we take away from this? Only that you don’t have to be good at sports to win. There is hope…maybe even for the uncoordinated.
  • Moving away from the kid friendly and heading in a decidedly adult direction, Lesson #7 is one I have taken to heart on many an occassion, and if you too have those time when you’d much rather be drunk than hydrated then “Maldito Alcohol” with the insightful lyric “yo no quiero agua yo quiero bebida” should be your anthem.
  •  With Lesson #8 we pull from an oldie but a goodie with “Ay Chico” and one of Las Gringas fave phrases “Dale que tu puedes“. So, ya tu sabes, just try your best and do what you can!

There you have it. My eight favorite lessons I’ve learned from Mr. 305’s wise words! So, feliz cumple, Pit, and here’s to many more years and many more lyrics. Daaaale!

 Did I leave out one your favorite Pitbull lyrical lessons?? Share it below!

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