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Pitbull Makes Directorial Debut

by La Rubia
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Armando Perez (Pitbull) Breaks Out His Directorial Skills And La Rubia Likes It.

It’s safe to say that Pitbull is not putting all his eggs in one basket. With several successful album releases of his own plus his collabs with other artists, his own Voli Vodka available in liquor stores now,  and his current sponsorship of Budlight and Dr. Pepper, Mr. 305 is all over the place and has truly earned his self-proclaimed title, Mr. Worldwide. On top of all that, he is now breaking out his directorial skills, and he’s using his real name this time.

Right in time for the New Year, Armando released “Latinos In Paris” featuring Dominican rapper/lyricist Sensato. The song is actually a remix of the Jay-Z, Kanye West single “Ni**as In Paris” from their Watch The Throne collaboration, but Pitbull and Sensato beat their predecessors to the punch with a video since Jay and Kanye never released one. Honestly though, they might have had a hard time topping Pitbull’s rendition anyway.

Latinos In Paris” is slightly different fare than what we’re used to getting from Mr. 305’s camp. Most notably, there is a remarkable lack of booty. Beyond just that though, it’s fast and it’s cool, distinct among the slew of videos for Pitbull’s tracks released over the past few years. The stylistics are solid, and point to an evolution of sorts. (If you doubt me, please go watch the video for “Ay, Chico” and tell me there’s not a difference.) The footage ranges from concert scenes to candid and behind-the-scenes-esque to docu-style on the street. There is also the added touch of shifting back and forth between color and black and white with the occasional freeze frame. Combine this with the sharp, right-on-beat editing, and you have a quality video, not to mention directorial debut, on your hands.

Honestly, I love just about all of Pitbull’s music videos, but I’m really glad this is what he brought to the table as a director. It’s that good. I can’t wait to see what else Armando Perez/Mr.305/Mr.Worldwide/Pitbull has to throw our way. Dale!

Haven’t seen “Latinos In Paris” yet? Watch It Now! (Really…watch it.)


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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