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Pitbull and Reese Witherspoon: Unlikely Friends?

by La Roja

Pitbull and Reese Witherspoon: Unlikely Friends?

So over the weekend, as I was perusing my Twitter feed which I do pretty much constantly….I came across the most curious tweet from my favorite @Pitbull that grabbed my attention immediately:

WHAT IS HAPPENING? Why is Mr 305 tweeting with another gringa? Once the ting of jealously subsided, I did a little Google-digging to find out exactly why Pit would be reaching out to Reese Witherspoon! What I found was absolutely adorable. Last week, Reese told NOW Daily in the UK that she listened to Pit in her casa:

Loving this so much! Social media does wondrous things, including connecting 2 opposite personalities from different plants in the entertainment universe. Now, let’s just hope that Miss Reese doesn’t leave our Pit hanging though. As of today, she has yet to respond to this tweet and let’s hope that her publicist is made aware of this connection so that she doesn’t miss out an this amazing invitation to go over to Pit’s house and dance in the cocina, because…what girl wouldn’t want that?

Were you surprised to hear this Southern girl is a Pitbull fan? 

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