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RockDoc by Pitbull Review and Giveaway

by Amanda La Gringa
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RockDoc by Pitbull Review and Giveaway

Recently, I was contacted by the makers of RockDoc.com by Pitbull to try out one of their products from these innovative line of speakers and share the word about huge contest happening right now! Well, Las Gringas love music and you know we really love Pitbull…so it was totally a no-brainer to accept this kind offer from RockDoc and help them corrrer la voz.


So, to give you some background: RockDoc joined forces with Pitbull earlier this year to develop a line of revolutionary portable speaker line, based on their Proprietary Weave Technology. These speakers let you take your music wherever you go…with high quality sound but at a precio that doesn’t crash the party. It can store a music library through external memory and also used as a high quality speaker alternative to the lesser quality, low output speakers found in mobile phones, laptops and PCs. There are 3 models available; The RockDoc® Power, RockDoc® Boom, and. RockDoc® Bluetooth.

I tried out the Power…which is a great size if you need a super-portable speaker! You can transfer your music onto its internal memory drive (up to 1,000 songs) and also plug it in through the audio output to your devices like your cell phone or laptop. This little thing is only 1.96′′ x 1.96′′ x 1.92” (a perfect cube!) but it has some major power!! I put the musica up to full blast to try it out and I swear my neighbors could hear it! Plus, if you have any trouble, there is a 1 year warranty which is always a good idea!

Pitbull RockDoc Speaker Las Gringas

The only trouble that I had was with the internal memory function. Sadly, I don’t have my music very organized on my laptop so it took my a while to find which songs I wanted to pass along to the RockDoc. Also, since I use iTunes for the majority of the music purchases, the fact that the SD card only read MP3 was a major downside. Also, since there is no display screen on the Power speaker….you just have to skip through the songs until you get to the one you want. I’m waaaay to picky and impatient to handle that! However, once I actually read the instructions and figured out how to change the input from internal memory to external audio so I can connect my phone to the device via the audio output….I was so very happy to be able to blast my favorite songs that I stream on internet radio!

UPDATE: I was actually able to try out the Bluetooth version of the Rock Dock and I’m in love! While it is about double the size (2.95” x 1.97” x 2.08) of the Rock Doc Power, it is still totally portable! What I love about this is obviously the Bluetooth wireless capability which allows for a wireless connection to any portable BT device. Plus the two way speakers lets you really blast your musica….and it still features the internal memory function that stores up to 1,000 songs. That is much more my style and I definitely can foresee using this during my next fiesta…so I can stream music for my amigos but keep my phone on hand to answer texts and tweets!

Rock Doc Bluetooth Pitbull


My final conclusion: These are both great options for the music lover! While the Rock Doc Power speaker is a great way to rock out to the music that you have on my laptop, cellphone and via live streaming on internet radio,  however personally I don’t think I would take the time to organize my MP3s and transfer them to the internal memory. However, if that is something you can handle- then the process is very simple! The sound is great quality for its accessible price range ($39.99) and for its tiny size, this speaker lives up to its name…it has some major POWER! The Rock Doc Bluetooth is a no-brainer if you can shell out the extra dough ($59.99) as the Bluetooth function is a breeze and the size of the device is still totally portable and the sound is great!

So, do you want to win one? Daleeee….it your’s luck day! RockDoc is running a HUGE contest to give away a Rockdoc-a-Day and there’s more!! You can also enter to win the grand prize to meet Pitbull on tour. Sound good? Just head on over to the RockDoc Facebook page to enter!

If you don’t want to wait to see if you win, you can save 15% just by signing up for their newsletter!

Disclaimer: Las Gringas Blog was not compensated for this review. However, we did receive the RockDoc Memory and Bluetooth for use in our product review. Opinions are our own.

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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