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Pitbull Unveils Global Warming Album Cover

by La Rubia
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Pitbull Teases Fans By Unveiling Cover for Upcoming Album, Global Warming.

Pitbull and his ever-diligent social media team are constantly posting fotos of Mr. 305 Worldwide and his various activities, typically to the delight of his 20+ million fans (yes, claro, gringas included!). Last week though, they released a handful of fotos that weren’t really doing it for me. (What’s the anti-dale? Insert that aqui.)

First, Pit and his crew officially unveiled the cover for his highly anticipated new album, Global Warming, and well, I’m a bit underwhelmed. Album covers are supposed to be indicative of the awesomeness enclosed within, and  I can’t really figure out what’s going on with this cover (Are those ropes? Curtains? What? Help me out here…). Actually, maybe its just the ropes/curtains/fabric that are throwing me off…

Secondly, Mr. Worldwide gave fans a teaser of his upcoming music video for single, “Don’t Stop The Party” which featured women “clothed” in a range of apparel that fits on the spectrum somewhere between “scantily clad” to “nope, she’s straight up naked”.

I get it, Pit is a magnet for the sexiest women ever, and why, whyyyy would they ever wear clothes around him? But I think Pitbull and his gente are missing a major demographic factor regarding his target market = i.e ladies who love pit. Hello, we are not interested in seeing más naked mujeres. I have a feeling that his fan base might just want to see a little more of their beloved Pitbull. Did Magic Mike teach nobody anything?

Maybe this gringa is just loca! Comment below and share your thoughts.

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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