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Planning a Couples Trip to Orlando

by Amanda La Gringa
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Couples Trip to Orlando

Are you thinking about planning a couples trip to Orlando? Well this is just the article you need to be reading. When it comes to planning a couples get-a-way, Orlando probably isn’t the top destination on your list…but we are going to show you exactly how you can make a trip to the theme parks into a romantic escape. From Disney, to Universal Studios, to the hundred of other attractions packed in this city…it is actually pretty simple to make this excursion a trip that you and your significant other will remember!

pick the right dates

Picking the right travel dates can make or break your trip…its the difference between enjoying the park at leisure with your amor and spending most of your time frustrated in lines. We visited Orlando in September, the weekend AFTER Labor Day to be exact and it was awesome! There were no crowds in either park (except in the newest parts of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which is constant) and we were able to book dinner reservations at our choice restaurants with no issues. Apart of September, other low seasons for Orlando are considered to be May (before schools get out), November, early December, and January.

While timing is important to consider because of the crowds, its also the difference between a hot and steamy vacation and a chilly one! While September offered us minimal crowds, it is smack during the rainy season which meant that every day around 3pm we had to find shelter for the daily afternoon thunderstorm. Also, when traveling during the winter months, make sure you pack warm clothes! While the chilly temps might be a great excuse to cuddle with your lover, you don’t want to catch a cold because you didn’t pack a jacket!

spice up your ride

If you live close enough, turn the viaje into a romantic road trip! While driving for hours might seem like the most “romantic” setting, it really is a great way to get some quality time with your partner. It’s about the journey, not the destination, right? If you agree, then I recommend you do what we did! We picked out our “dream ride” and drove that to Orlando! My boyfriend had always wanted to experience the luxury of a Cadillac Escalade, so that’s exactly what we did! Driving from Miami to Orlando in the Escalade was a blast…plus with all of the luxury features of the car (tons of space, leather seats, assisted parking, advanced cruise control), we were stress-free during the drive and started our trip with great conversation and plenty of radio sing-a-longs.

I’m not kidding when I talk about the space in the Cadillac Escalade, check it out:

Shack up

While this might seem like a “nice-to-have,” but not essential if you are visiting the parks in Orlando…I disagree. Staying on-site was the best decision that we made while planning our trip. During our Disney days, we stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort- Riverside which was just the right price and location for us. While there is a constant run of buses from the resort, we actually decided to drive over (remember, we love this car) and hotel guests enjoy free parking at the parks. While couples might be steered away from the on-site resorts, being afraid it would be over-run with children, I can confirm that the Port Orleans Resort has such expansive grounds, that even during the busy seasons…you would never notice. From the moment that you arrive at the Resort, you are already in Disney-mode, but is also the perfect haven when you need a little break from the crowds.

During the 2nd part of our trip, we shifted gears and headed over to Universal Studios so we could try out the brand new resort, Cabana Bay Beach. The funky, fun vibe of this hotel is like no other! While the layout has more of the traditional “resort” type, the style and decor is anything but that! The 50’s/60’s theme fills all the rooms with color, surrounds the lobby with funky murals and flows out into the amazing pool area that even has a lazy river!

The difference from this resort and the other on-site hotels at Universal is that Cabana Bay Beach Resort isn’t connected to the waterway that flows between the parks. That means you can either walk (a little too long of a walk for me), or take one of the buses which runs every few minutes. Travel world together

Epcot was a great choice for our evening plans during our Disney adventure. While you might not think of the World Showcase as the most romantic of spots in the park, it offers a wide variety of options that would fit the tastes of any couple. We left several hours to get through all of the showcases, taking our time to tour the exhibits, enjoy the food….AND especially the drink that each country had to offer.

Cheers with butter beer

You can’t visit Universal Studios without stopping by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and having a taste of the infamous butter beer! While these areas tend to be the busiest because of their popularity, there is a still some opportunity to enjoy a romantic moment. Since the opening of Diagon Alley, the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade has actually calmed down a bit and you can sometimes find a cozy corner in the “bar” to enjoy some of the “beer” with your honey.

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go for the pass

Nothing ruins your buzz more than waiting in a long line for your favorite attraction. That’s why I would always recommend you go for the Express/Fast Passes at both of the parks. Some of the on-site hotels actually include these passes with the cost of your stay, so make sure you take that into consideration when picking a hotel!

find the booty

Orlando isn’t only about visiting the parks. During one afternoon, we snuck away for some little mini-golf fun. There were so many options to pick from, but we discovered Pirate’s Cove Mini-Golf that was an absolute blast! Who knew that a kids game could be romantic right? But we felt like teenagers on our first date again, taking photos, and laughing at our missed putts. Add it to your list!

Have more tips for the couples our there planning a viaje or Orlando?! Leave them in the comment section below or send us a tweet to @TravelBlogueras! 

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