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Practical Honeymoon Destination Ideas

by Amanda La Gringa
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Looking for practical honeymoon destination ideas? Look no further! While some people plan to take 2 weeks to explore Europe for their honeymoon, it seems to me that most people just want the opportunity to relax and unwind after your wedding, right? Who wants to be coordinating even MORE things after you just finished coordinating the biggest party of your life? So, I’ve pulled together a list of my favorite trips that I’ve taken recently that would be make really good options for practical honeymoon destinations!

Practical Honeymoon Destination Ideas

  1. Sip wine in Napa Valley: Why not spending your honeymoon enjoying great views and tasty wine? With all the tour options, you can easily book a few and then let your guides handle all the coordinating for you! You can read about my recent “couples” trip there to see what we recommend putting on your agenda.  NapaValleyYoungCouples
  2. Drive up the Pacific Coastal Highway: Does driving count as planning? For those who find cruising in a car a relaxing way to spend their time, this is a great option! I would recommend starting in LA and working your way up to San Francisco. The only coordinating you would need to do would be deciding which lovely Bed and Breakfast to stay in on the way. I recently did this with my fiancee and we are counting down the days until we can return!
  3. Be a kid in Orlando: Depending on the time of year, the parks in Orlando might actually be a stress-free way to spend your honeymoon! I would avoid the summer months, but if you can land an off-month and plan to visit during the week, this is defintely a great option for a honeymoon! practical-honeymoon-destination-ideas-orlando
  4. Relax in West Palm Beach, Florida: Looking for a beach get-away but want to avoid the stress of Miami? I love the West Palm Beach/Palm Beach area that gives you the best of both worlds! I recently took a road trip there and you can see why this would be a great place to chill!
  5. Spoil yourself at Isla Mujeres Resort: We recently enjoyed an amazing weekend at the Palace Resort at Isla Mujeres and it would make a perfect honeymoon spot. Besides the amazing views, its all-inclusive, so that means no planning!

Do you have any other recommendations of practical honeymoon destination ideas? Let me know in the comment section below!

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