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Ricardo Arjona’s Single “Te Quiero”

by Amanda La Gringa
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Ricardo Arjona’s New Single “Te Quiero”

The 3rd single, Te Quiero, from Ricardo Arjona‘s 13th album Independiente has officially been released! After much success of his first two singles, “El Amor“, which reached #1 on the Billboard Latin charts, and “Fuiste Tú” (my fav!) featuring Gaby Moreno. Te Quiero is expected to rapidly climb the charts after its June release. Add to that the world tour Arjona just launched to promote this album…so, Arjona fans…get excited!

This lovely song has been a fan favorite since the 2011 release of the album which was produced by Arjona himself, “Los Gringos,” and Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Tommy Torres. Fun fact: It is Arjona’s first album not to be directly released by Warner Brothers, but by his own independent label, Metamorfosis.

As a gringa, what I like about this song is the way it so eloquently describes the meaning of the title phrase….which doesn’t really have an equivalent in English. Since I learned the difference between Te Quiero and Te Amo in Spanish class, I’ve always been intrigued by the deep differences in these phrases and I love how Arjona explains it in his lyrics:

“No voy a rebuscar en la academia, palabras para ver quién me las premia, si este mundo cabe en dos palabras: Te Quiero”

Have a listen to the canción below and let us know what you think. Also, check out the schedule below for this world tour for a ciudad near you!

“Te Quiero” by Ricardo Arjona

Ricardo Arjona Te Quiero (Video Oficial) from El Sol de Santiago on Vimeo.

Metamorfosis World Tour:

  • June 20: Guayaquil, Ecuador – Estadio Alberto Spencer
  • June 22: Quito, Ecuador – Estadio Atahualpa
  • June 26, 27: Valencia, Venezuela – Forum de Valencia
  • June 29, 30: Caracas, Venezuela – Terraza del C.C.C.T.
  • July 4: Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela – Estadio José Antonio Anzoátegui
  • July 7: Barquisimeto, Venezuela – Complejo Ferial Bicentenario
  • July 10: Maracaibo, Venezuela – Palacio de Eventos
  • July 13: Mérida, Venezuela – Estadio Metropolitano
  • July 25: Cali Colombia – Plaza de Toros
  • July 31: Manizales. Colombia – Estadio Palo Grande
  • August 2,3: Bogotá, Colombia – Coliseo Cubierto El Camping
  • August 8: Bucaramanga, Colombia – Plaza de Toros
  • August 18: San José, Costa Rica – Estadio Ricardo Saprissa
  • September 8: Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana – Estadio Quisqueya
  • September 22: Miami, Estados Unidos – American Airlines Arena

Photo credit: Claudio Pucheu

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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