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Romeo Santos “All Aboard” Video

by La Rubia
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Romeo Santos Heats Up Train Travel with Sexy New Video for “All Aboard”.

It seems like Romeo Santos has been releasing videos left and right! These have demonstrated a stylistic progression in his work, so I’m definitely not complaining. The last couple videos unveiled by Santos (even his “Promise” video with Usher…which I hated on a little bit…) have proved to be far more artistic and mature than his videos of previous years, and “All Aboard” featuring Lil’ Wayne, which debuted on Feb. 23, proves that this new style may be more than just a trend.

The whole video has a fuzzy kind of dream-like quality which mirrors the fantasy theme in the lyrics. Also, there are super romantic overtones, appropriate for the King of Bachata, from the red coat of the love interest, to the train station/travel setting, to a few well-placed slow-motion details which all really help to “set the scene” in a polished way. I’m also really impressed by the use of creative video work. There are interesting shots, like the one that takes us in a quick movement straight into a tunnel and out the other side with a cleverly placed cut to Romeo in the middle, and the mixture of high and low-key lighting, that indicate a stronger narrative than one might expect from a music video. Also, I really like that  these last couple videos have told stories, like they’re mini-films (I’m not going to completely ruin the story…so watch the video below!)

But I’m not gonna lie, the lyrics and video go from sexy innuendo to obnoxiously explicit when Lil’ Wayne steps into the frame, and this kind of detracts from all the positive efforts listed above. (Seriously people, how many times are we going to recycle the “put her face in the pillow” lyric? If you can’t find another way to say it, um, don’t say it, thanks.) Luckily though, this only takes away a few seconds of screen time from Romeo and the story.

Despite this flaw though, it’s still a compelling video and a classic Santos tune, so check it out below!

Watch It Ahora!


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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