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Romeo Santos and Usher Promise Video

by La Rubia
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Romeo Santos y Usher “Promise“, Where’s The Romance?

Last week one of our Twitter followers requested that we submit a review of Romeo Santos and Usher‘s video for their collaboration on the single “Promise“. The vid originally released back in Fall of 2011, and as we were not yet in existence, we were not able to cover it! But since this song has essentially been on repeat on my iPod since its release, I have no problem whatsoever in filling this request!

This particular Twitter follower was not super excited about the video as whole, indicating it just wasn’t romantic enough. This is a more than fair assessment. Actually, there is a lot about this video that beyond not really meshing well the song, is just plain disappointing.

Disappointment #1
This song is bachata. So, where exactly is the bachata dancing in this video? I learned to dance to Aventura, and I’m also a huge Usher fan. So, when this song came out, my head almost exploded. I was that excited about the possibility of seeing Usher dance bachata because let’s be honest, the man has some serious moves. Yet, for some reason, it just doesn’t happen. There is a little ray of hope with the scenes intercut of Romeo at a party with his amor, and you almost see people dancing. Then it cuts to some dominoes. Sin bailar. What gives?

Disappointment #2
I think they were going for something like artistic + sexy, a kind of modern-noir…maybe. There’s the leather clad femme fatale, lots of sexy, intense, meaningful stares, plus hazy lighting in dark rooms and corridors. But I’m just not buying it. I get the connection between the bondage outfit worn by the love interest, and the lyrical references to being a prisoner of love and all that. Again though, I don’t think the pseudo-bondage, almost sex scenes are really an adequate replacement for the sexy bachata dancing we should be seeing.

Disappointment #3
I have to say that I am immediately annoyed by the unnecessary Bromantic intro viewers are forced to endure. How many times can a person comfortably insert “playboy” into one phone conversation, really? Also, gentlemen, please dígame, do you have conversations with your fellow “homies” discussing how you are a prisoner of love? And what is the handshake/signal they do at the very end? Perhaps, I’m just not in the loop on that, but it seems a weird choice for the conclusion. Is the video about their love for this woman or each other? Overall, its just too ambiguous.

So, clearly, I’m just not that into the video. Honestamente, I might be way over thinking this. But it wasn’t what I was hoping for at all, and what they did come up with doesn’t really seem to represent the song very well.

¿Que opinas? Is it romantic enough for you or do you also think it missed the mark?

Watch the video aquí!


Watch the 2011 Latin Grammy’s Performance! (There’s actually some bachata in this one!)


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Pola (@jettingaround) October 28, 2012 - 3:12 pm

#3 cracked me up!! I could do without the intro too to this otherwise FABULOUS song. Good thing the album version doesn’t have that.

I included ‘Promise’ in one of my recent posts – about songs that bring back travel memories (in my case London – go figure). If you’re interested, have a look: http://bit.ly/NbOZpU.


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