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Romeo Santos “La Diabla/Mi Santa” Video

by La Rubia
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New Video From Romeo Santos Makes Artistic Efforts.

Earlier this week, Romeo Santos released another video for his Fórmula, Vol I album which released Nov. 8, 2011. The video for his “Promise” collab with Usher came out last fall, and I was pretty underwhelmed by it. But this new video, which combines two singles “La Diabla” and “La Santa” into one dramatic and romantic narrative, actually makes up for my previous disappointment.

I will admit, the very first time I watched this video, I giggled. There are some really amusing details that pop up throughout its almost 6 minute duration, including Romeo wearing a comically large scarf with a vest (look for it around 4:30, and just try to tell me that was a good choice. Remember, he’s wearing a t-shirt with that thing.) I’m obviously poking fun in good humor at some really minor details because in seriousness, as a whole, the music video makes a startling effort to create a truly artistic piece, and I think it was a successful in this endeavor.

First, there is the texture of the video. There is a distinct old world feel that is consistent throughout that automatically makes everything that happens in this story romantic, from the use of historical architecture to the lighting filter that makes it seem a little like you’re looking back in time. Also, “Mi Santa” features the talented guitarist Tomatito which adds just another level of musical depth which enriches the overall quality of the track and consequently the video.

Second, as is apparent from the title of these two singles, the lyrics are steeped in religious references, and this is communicated visually really well. There is an obvious shift in the lighting from being super dark and low key during the intro/”La Diabla” portion to a much brighter, high key light in the “Mi Santa” portion. Also, the shots utilized during “La Diabla” are kept tight, almost constricting, but when we shift to “Mi Santa” the shots widen to the extreme of sweeping aerial-ish views of Romeo singing on a hill over looking the city behind him. Also, not quite so subtly, the female character in “La Diabla” wears black while the heroine in “Mi Santa” wears white. The themes of brokenness and then rebirth and salvation, we hear in the lyrics are skillfully played out visually throughout, and this is not something you get from the average music video.

It actually isn’t very often that I get to watch a music video with this kind of a critical viewpoint. However, I thought it would do the video designers and directors a discredit to a look at it any other way. So, watch it below and tell us what you think.


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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AranaNegra February 7, 2012 - 10:10 am

You are right about the technical aspect of the video. From a photographer point of view it is very clear that timing and a general purpose of good and evil are part of the video. Evil “La Diabla” is much darker in lighting and details. While good, “Mi Santa” transmit a sense light and clear virtue. The songs are both great and it bring the songs to life. Very good…….


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