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Rosario Dawson on Domestic Violence Awareness

by La Rubia
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Rosario Dawson Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence and Encourages Other to Join Movement!

As part actress and part activist, Rosario Dawson likes to call herself an “actRivist“! In this role, she uses her voice and her celebrity status to help bring awareness to some very, very important causes, one of those being women’s rights. This month, she is specifically helping with Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and using her voice to raise some very good points.

“People have to take responsibility for what they’re choosing to do in their own lives. There’s a big difference in me growing up loving Die Hard and Rocky and not becoming a violent person. There’s a difference between entertainment and actually throwing acid in someone’s face or raping a woman or abusing a child.” Rosario Dawson, quoted on Huffingtonpost.com

For más info on Domestic Violence Awareness Month and what that involves, visit the campaign’s official site.

Another program Rosario has joined is Eve Ensler‘s “One Billion Rising“. Hear the actrivist’s own words on why she thinks awareness on women’s issues is important in the following PSA!

Rosario Dawson: Why Women’s Rights Is Important.


My take: I truly respect Dawson for speaking out and utilizing her celebrity status for positive ends and to help others. Share your thoughts below. 

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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