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San Francisco Vacation for Young Couples

by Amanda La Gringa
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San Francisco Vacation for Young Couples

No surprise here! San Francisco, with its hip neighborhoods and exciting nightlife, makes for a great destination for young couples looking to get away and see something new. While there are certain parts of San Francisco that are over-the-top touristy, there are still plenty of authentic experiences that even the pickiest of travelers would appreciate. Earlier this month, I set out to plan the ideal San Fran getaway for my partner and I that would balance both the hip parts of the city, without missing out on the classic must-see attractions of the area.


Surprisingly enough, airfare to SFO has always been pretty affordable every time I’ve looked at flights. The key is planning in advance, where you can enjoy the lowest rates around 3 months before. When I’m thinking about traveling, I always set a price alert on Kayak.com so I can catch the cheapest flights whenever they become available.

Depending on where you stay in San Francisco, I would recommend for or against a rental car. The SFO airport is quite a distance from the city, so the cab/shuttle cost can get up to $50 per person…which could end up being more expensive than a rental car, depending on how many days you are in town. However, if you are staying in the city center, beware that most hotels charge $30-$80 a night to park your car…so it really all about asking questions and doing the math to see which option will be the best for you.

On this trip, we planned to drive up to Napa after our stay in San Francisco – so we did get a car. We were lucky enough to get paired up with the Mitsubishi Mirage with was a perfect fit for the winding roads of San Francisco.

This is definitely a great city-dweller car and we fit in like locals driving around in our bright blue Mirage. The compact size made street parking a breeze, but we had more than enough space for the two of us plus all of our luggage. Sticking to the hippie vibe of San Fran, the Mirage is the highest ranked non-hybrid vehicle on the prestigious “Greenest Vehicles” List!   NapaValleyWheretoStay During a previous trip to San Francisco, I stayed in the Union Square area as I felt like it was the better fit for our “young couple” tastes and that it was closer to more “hip” restaurants and things to do. However, during this trip, I decided to keep us closer to all the action of San Fran and we stayed right in the Fisherman’s Wharf area at the Best Western Plus, The Tuscan. This was a fantastic choice and now I definitely understand the perks of staying closer to the bay! This Best Western, specifically, was a real treat! Apart from the fantastic location (we walked about 4 minutes to the Pier for our Alcatraz tour…more on that below), this hotel had such a great vibe and was a breath of fresh air after arriving from the airport. Our timing couldn’t have been better, as the front desk explained to us, because the evening Wine Happy Hour was just beginning. Como? Que? What? A hotel with a free happy hour just BECAUSE? That is exactly what happened and it was just what we needed.  Check out our complete review HERE.

Loving our stay at the #BestWestern in #sanfrancisco! They have a daily wine hour, with free copas…awesome detalle!! ??? A photo posted by Las Travel Blogueras (@travelblogueras) on

While this location was perfect, you should know that not all Fisherman’s Wharf hotels are created equal. This Best Western is ranked in TripAdvisor’s Top 20, offers free Wi-Fi and complimentary morning coffee, tea and hot chocolate. I also loved that they are pet-friendly..sure wish my little puppy could have made the trip, she would have loved it there!



As an active young couple, there is so much to see and do in this city! I say active, because they really aren’t kidding with their hills and steep inclines in San Fran! While I was tempted to step out in my stylish heels or funky flats, I remembered my last experience of running around the city to see Everything In One Day and I totally learned my lesson! Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather, which will most likely get chilly after the sun goes down…so save your cute and uncomfortable stylish outfits for another trip!

While you might expect that I recommend a romantic dinner with your honey, I decided to mix things up for our date night in the city and booked us on the night tour of Alcatraz! Que romantico, verdad? Well, actually, this evening tour makes for an intimate and educational excursion for you and your partner. The ferry leaves right before the sun goes down, making for some amazing views of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Capturing that #sanfrancisco skyline ?

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Once you arrive, be prepared to do plenty of walking at a pretty steady incline…so again, wear comfortable shoes! The tour is very interesting and the darkness gives the experience another layer of eeriness! You will definitely want to cuddle up with your love on the ferry ride back…enjoying your freedom together as you make your way back to civilization!

I hope we can escape!! Loving the view @alcatrazcruises! #Alcatraz #alcatrazcruises #onlyinsf A photo posted by Las Travel Blogueras (@travelblogueras) on

Important tip: Make sure you book your tours in advance, especially if you want to join the night tour which seems to be one of the first ones that are sold out!

There really are endless activities for Young Couples and its hard to decide just exactly what you want to do in your limited time. A great way to be able to see a little bit of everything is to buy the CityPass or the GoCard. These both serve almost as “tour guides” for you since they include the entrances to the top attractions in the city…doing some of the research for you! I especially liked the CityPass since it included the cost of public transportation so it was our “ticket” to ride the trollies around the city and saved us some time on walking everywhere!

The best way to see all that #sanfrancisco has to offer! The #CityPass and #GoCard!

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For more tips on what to do when you visit San Francisco, visit our blog post where we experienced the city in ONE DAY! Also, if you have any recommendations for young couples visiting the city, please let us know in the comment section below.Safe Travels

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