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The 5 Sexiest Moments from Jencarlos Canela’s Baby Video

by Amanda La Gringa
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The 5 Sexiest Moment’s from Jencarlos Canela’s Baby Video

Fans have been counting down the days until the release of Jencarlos Canela’s latest music video for his latest single, Baby. Pretty much any new reason to gaze over Jencarlos as he moves around my computer screen is a good idea in my book, so I was also anxiously awaiting this new vid. It wasn’t until the previews of this video were released on his Facebook page, did I suspect just how “impactful” this video might be on all of us.

After watching the video a few times…taking a break to get some air…and then watching it again some more, I decided that I would take on the incredible difficult task of trying to determine which are the 5 sexiest moments from the “Baby” video. It’s a tough job, right? But somebody has to do it!

I’m pretty sure no one even read this intro anyway, considering the gif’s that are flickering just below, so I won’t even keep writing. But, really…why are you still reading this with the beauty that you see happening below? Get your priorities straight, person.

The 5 Sexiest Moment’s from Jencarlos Canela’s Baby Video

#1) Seeing Jencarlos crawl across the floor on his hands and knees: Forget the fact that she is wearing roller skates (why?), but her cheeky undies are cute and that look in his eyes is EVERYTHING.


#2) When he sings into her crotch mirror: First question, is that a thing? Do people normally hold a mirror over their crotch? Well, no matter, its makes for the perfect frame from one of the most shocking scenes of the video.

JencarlosBaby Video3


#3) Combining liquids and open-mouth kissing, things get wet and hot: My thought process during this scene: Oh, look…they are putting booze in a water gun, that’s different. Ok, so maybe they are going to spray each other with booze water? Seems a waste of alcohol. Oh wait, they are going to fill their mouths with the booze and then swap it between their mouths…interesting technique.



#4) Singing into her crotch mirror again…but with this time with that smirk: Because once really wasn’t enough, am I right? JencarlosBabyVideo4


#5) Pretty much anytime they cut to a scene that features this mattress: Once you get past the general shock of a rather dirty looking mattress, with no sheets, in the middle of a warehouse…its rather quite pleasant to watch. I’m pretty sure if any of us had a chance to do what she did with Jencarlos, we wouldn’t care about the potential bed bug bites we might suffer from later.



The most un-sexy moment, you might ask? The entire scene where she is sensually dancing for the group of old man while in the dessert? I’m assuming there is some perfectly reasonable explanation for this, but then again I probably don’t even want to know.

Jencarlos Baby Video 6

So what was your favorite sexy moment from the video? I admit, there are definitely more than 5 of them…so feel free to let me know which other scenes you would include by commenting below. You can watch the full length video HERE. 

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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