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Shakira Attacked By a Sea Lion?

by Amanda La Gringa
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Shakira: “Special Report: Attacked By a Sea Lion”!

Social media never ceases to amaze me. This week, Shakira posted a “Special Report” (her words, not mine) on Facebook about her close encounter with a sea lion. Apparently, she was taking a day trip to an undisclosed location and while observing some sea lions, decided to get a closer look….

As she was taking photos and “baby talking” the sea lions, one decided he was not a Shakira fan and jumped out of the water, onto the rock where the singer was sitting, and “attacked” her (some reports says she was bitten, but Shakira only says it tried to bite her). So why was she attacked? I like to think the animal had just had enough of her baby talking, but Shakira lays the blame on her Blackberry…saying the reflection probably looked like a fish to a hungry sea lion. Love ya Shaki!

Read Shakira’s story for yourself, in her own bilingual words along with pics of the guilty sea lion on her Facebook page.

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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