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Shakira: Top 3 Music Videos Ever

by La Rubia
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La Rubia’s Top 3 Favorite Music Videos de Shakira!

This week Forbes released their list of the world’s most powerful mujeres, and one of Las Gringas fave artistas, Shakira, made the cut. Not that I need an excuse to discuss how great La Colombiana is, but her presence on this list and the recognition of not only her super-celeb status but also her philanthropic and charitable endeavors had me tripping down memory lane and thinking about por que I like her so much. There really are lots of reasons (ie: her music is awesome, she has beyond enviable dance skills, she seems cool y she’s a quality Latina role model), and this train of thought had me looking through all my fave Shaki music vids! So, for you, dear readers and fellow Shakira fans, aqui are my Top 3 videos to date. This is purely subjective…so feel free to comment if you disagree.

#1: “Suerte

There are amaaazing special effects/graphics, horses running wild and Shaki doing her now signature dance moves + mud.This is  early 2000’s Shakira at her best.


#2: “Loca

After the (admittedly enjoyable) “She Wolf” detour, the Shakira we know and love was back,  this time offering up the super sexy-we-will-never-ever-get-sick-of-this merengue beat that is “Loca”. Sidenote: if I looked that good in shiny gold pants…I would refuse to wear anything else.


#3: “La Tortura”

For whatever reason, I was obsessed with this song in college and I still love it today. This video just might be the sexiest chinese food eating, onion cutting, black paint drenched 3 minutes and 45 seconds…ever.


We’re still waiting on más about Shakira’s upcoming English album…check out what we know so far.


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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