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Can Shakira Make Yogurt Sexy?

by La Rubia
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Shakira and Her Abs Kick Off New Ad Campaign for Activia Yogurt Brand.

The concept that sex sells is neither original or complicated. So, I’m not surprised Activia‘s new ad campaign featuring Shakira is taking the easy way out and leaning heavily on the age old marketing tactic, but I am surprised the brand isn’t demonstrating a little more awareness of their own image (yogurt is not sexy) or the intellectual level of their target audience (you can’t convince us yogurt is sexy).

The new campaign is a marked departure from previous spokesperson, Jamie Lee Curtis and her innocuous, if still euphemistic messageActivia = a happy digestive system.”, and other similar campaigns featuring Reba McEntire and slogans about “happy tummies/people and balanced digestive systems.”  RE: Activia will keep you from getting constipated or experiencing other uncomfortable poop related situations.

The new, Shakira centric ads are set to run in 50 countries worldwide including the U.S., and the VP of marketing for Activia’s parent company, The Dannon Co., Jeffrey Rothman, indicated they are designed to “demonstrate the connection between how you feel when your digestive system is working well and your overall well-being.” He elaborates on the specific choice of Shaki as a spokesperson saying, “Like no one else in the world, Shakira’s performance illustrates how feeling good on the inside can help you feel wonderful overall.”

Activia y Shakira Ad Campaign, Behind the Scenes:

Shakira is a smart choice for the brand, for sure. She boasts international appeal and a devoted audience, has a spot on a recurring reality show on a major network, and is likely to reach a broader, younger demographic than Curtis or Reba. Y honestamente, if someone could make yogurt sexy, it would be Shaki.

Pero, por qué does yogurt need to be sexy?

The forced connection between sexuality and a yogurt with the intended use of making sure that you poop on a regular basis is tenuous at best. Dear marketing campaign people, being interested in our health is enough to get us interested in a product (And by “us,” I mean women, in general…I’m going to make this claim for all of us real quick) . You don’t have to dress it up in a crop top and tight pants and throw into a jungle to gyrate for 30 seconds.  Just tell me the product will make me poop regularly saving me from toxic overload, and let’s just call it a day, ok?

I’m going to assume Dannon/Activia is simply feeling the heat from the hyper-sexualized Oikos yogurt ads featuring the seemingly ageless John Stamos and their latest tagline, “Fuel Your Pleasure.” These ads, while also obnoxious, at least have entered the self-referential phase and are  inviting audiences/consumers to laugh at the sexual overtones.

John Stamos y Oikos: “Fuel Your Pleasure


This new Activia/Shakira campaign combo though, is taking itself a little too seriously, forest, belly dancing y todo. On top of that, I’m stuck rolling my eyes at another brand and marketing scheme trying to get me interested in their random product by shaking sex in my face when they could have just been real.

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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