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Sofia Vergara: Follow the Script Luncheon with AbbVie

by Amanda La Gringa
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Sofia Vergara: Follow the Script Luncheon with AbbVie

Talk about an amazing lunch date! Last week, I attended a luncheon hosted by Sofia Vergara where we talked about the importance of “following the script” when it comes to your health. As you can imagine, I was very excited to get the opportunity to meet Sofia (a first for me), but what made it even more special was the intimate and personal setting provided to us by AbbVie.

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  During the luncheon, we learned about the causes, symptoms, and treatments of hypothyroidism. I honestly have to say that I had no idea that hypothyroidism affects millions of individuals in the U.S and that it is especially prevalent among women. So, why was Sofia there, you might ask? Well, she has teamed up with AbbVie to lead an initiative called Follow the Script, which encourages people to take an active role in their health. The campaign aims to educate individuals with hypothyroidism about the importance of diagnosis, treatment and taking medication as prescribed by their doctor. During our chat with her, Sofia also shared her personal journey when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at a young age and how she has learned to cope with the lifestyle changes she has had to make.  

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I asked her specifically about her workout routine (which is a struggle for us all, right?!) and she shared that while she haaaaates working out, she does her best to try different methods to keep things fresh and exciting for her.

Thanks again to AbbVie for including us in this lovely luncheon, if you want more information about their campaign with Sofia you can hear about the Follow the Script campaign directly from her via a series of videos posted on their website.

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