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How to throw the best DOBLE Quinceañera

by Amanda La Gringa
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How to throw the best DOBLE Quinceañera ever

When it comes to birthday party, I have always prided myself in throwing the funnest fiestas in town. So, when my big 3-0 was coming around, I know that this party had to be over the top and amazing! Since I’m a gringa, I obviously didn’t have a Quinceañera and after I moved to Miami, I got to see first hand just how spectacular these coming-of-age parties are. I still feel like I act like a teenager sometimes, so I decided what better way to celebrate my thirtieth birthday than to host a Doble Quince (aka 15 x’s 2…get it?).


So the concept for the party was to pretend like we were attending my birthday celebration in 2001 (the year I turned 15). All of the party basics were Quinceñera style, but I asked all the guest to dress like they would have 15 years ago and the music was all from that same era (think N’sync and Destiny’s Child!). This theme for this party was very well received…and pretty creative if you ask me! So would you consider hosting a Doble 15era for your 30th birthday? If so, I got you!

I’m a very strategic and organized party planner, so I wanted to put together 5 things that you need to remember when you are planning your Doble Quince party!


#1) Location, location! The perfect venue is possibly the most important part of the quinceañera experience. Everyone knows that the location sets the mode for the entire party, so make sure you find a salón or a banquet hall that fits all your needs. I was lucky to come across the Best of Times Dance Studio in Miami that provided me with both a great party package (like tables, chairs, linens, lights, sound) but also allowed me the flexibility to bring in my own food and drink to the event. Since the venue supplied all the basics, I was really able to focus on the detalles like fantastic decorations that really made the fiesta a night to remember! The owner, Jumaqui was very organized and easy to work with through out the entire planning process.


I wanted to get everyone up and dancing, so luckily the Best of Times Dance has 4,500 square-foot of hard wood flooring to get all my amigos on their feet. Tip: Jumaqui is also a great photographer, so you can save some time by just hiring him to take photos during your fiesta! Email him at academie@salsa-art.com

#2) Looking like a princesa: Everyone knows that the quinceañera has to look like a princess right out of a fairytale and that also holds true for the doble 15era’s! While I found the dress online, I was extra picky about who was going to do my hair for the big day! I wanted to make sure I had the princess updo, but still age appropriate and classy. I would only trust my friends at Blo Bar in midtown Miami to handle my hair for the big night.

They did the most fantastic up-do to fit my quinceañera crown with the curls all perfectly in place so that they would last me through all the night of dancing!

#3) Que rico! Your favorite food: It’s my party and I’m going to eat what I want to! For me, that means pizza, pizza, and more pizza! Our friends at Papa John’s Miami provided us with all the pizza that we could want and I was in heaven! The manager of the local store was so helpful and made sure our comida arrived right on time!


#4) Salud with the best drinks: What’s the best part about turning doble-15 versus just 15? You can legally have a drink (or 5) at your party! Beyond just your typical tragos, we have an extra treat from Stella Rosa wines to help us celebrate in style! We enjoyed their tasty sangria as well as the semi-sparkling wine in these classy single-serve aluminum bottles.

#5) Sonrisa! Photo Booths are a must: So photo booths at parties might not have been around in 2001, but I had to make sure we had one at my fiesta! I had run in to Green Screen Miami at previous events around Miami and knew they would be the perfect fit for the Quinceãnera. What I loved about these guys is that they let me design the backgrounds for the photos myself, to make sure they fully matched with the theme for the party!


What do you think? Do you think my Doble Quineañera turned out más o menos como una Quinceañera de verdad? I like to this that my Doble 15 was even more fun than my original would have been…so I’m happy that I waited! I had so much fun with the party, that I actually did a recap video for my Amanda La Gringa Youtube channel, so check it out below for more amazing momentos from the noche!

I’m happy to share more tips and planning details if you want to throw your own Doble 15, just send me a tweet to @AmandaLaGringa!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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Christin (pronounced as Kristin and spelled as you see it, LOL) September 18, 2018 - 1:05 am

OMG! I so need some help planning my Double Quinceañera! Mine is supposed to be on December 31st, 2018 but have not been able to find a location for it! I am also struggling with Theme Choices! Please help me?!


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