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Tips for the Most Painless Wedding Thank You Cards

by Amanda La Gringa
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Tips for the Most Painless Wedding Thank You Cards

So, you are finally able to breath after the wedding and actually enjoy being married! Well, you can’t take too much of a break, right? Tradition recommends that you wait no more than 3 months after the wedding to send out the appropriate Thank You Cards to your guests and family members. While personalization and honest dedication is crucial in this process, because that truly is the best way to show your gratitude, there are still shortcuts you can take to help make this as painless as possible!

While we won’t go through the standard tips of how to write these cards, its important to note that you really should take the time and put the effort into making these cards as personalized as you can. That being said, there are website and technologies that can make it run smoother. So to help you through this process, we have pulled together some tips that will defintely help you along the way as you order, write and send your Wedding Thank You Cards!

  • Save the address files from your wedding invitations: Seems obvious, right? This quick tip can save you hours upon hours. Even better, you can order your Thank You Cards from the same website from which you ordered your wedding invitations – like I did with Wedding Paper Divas. In both cases, I paid a small additional fee and had the website print the addresses directly onto the envelope for me. Totally worth every penny!
  • Update master list with gifts before the wedding upon arrival: Whether in a Google doc or an old-fashioned piece of paper, it is crucial to keep up with the gifts you receive immediately upon arrival. Like I already mentioned, personalization is key and that becomes impossible if you aren’t even sure what gifts you received.
  • Assign a wedding party member with gathering names and gift inventory: Even harder than keeping up with the gifts that arrive prior to the wedding day, those items that are gifted day-of can quickly get mixed up and cards misplaced. Make sure you assign someone from your family or wedding party to ensure the labels are intact and even consider having them inventory the name with the specific packaging.
  • Let Wedding Paper Divas handle the return address: Similar to my recommendation for having Wedding Paper Divas print the mailing addresses, the return address service is also a no-brainer! If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can also consider one of their custom stamps which will still save you so much time! 
  • Combine any other special announcements: To save time and money, consider using the Thank You Note to also communicate any other special announcements or life updates. Just moved into a new home? Adopt a new pet? This can be more than JUST a thank you – take advantage of that postage!

Hopefully with these ideas you can make the Thank You Card process a total breeze! Defintely check out Wedding Paper Divas as a great resource to everything wedding-related, which also includes the Thank You Cards!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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