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Top 5 Malos Más Malos of the Telenovelas

by Guest Gringa
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Top 5 Malos Más Malos of the Telenovelas

Hola, the Gringa Novelera here! I have a pregunta for you: What is it about Los Chicos Mas Malo of telenovelas that makes them so irresistible to both women and law enforcement? They are ALL very handsome, but it’s not their looks that gets them on this list: it’s the something extra these actors bring to their roles. We had the hard job of digging through all the bad boys from our favorite telenovelas so we could come up with a list of the most malos of all!

It wasn’t easy, but here are our current Top Five of the Malos Más Malos of the Telenovelas.

#5) Gabriel Porras – El Diablo in “Los Miserables

Most narcotrafficantes try to keep a low profile, but Diablo insists on being called “Diablo,” and lives in the swankiest hotel in town, with his collection of very flashy Rockabilly Cowboy suits. Awful as he is, his love for Lucia led Diablo to commit his most selfless act: he killed his own gentle and kind identical twin brother and assumed his identity so Lucia would marry him. It was a selfless act because Diablo had to give up his fancy suits for the argyle sweaters his twin wore.

#4) Jose Luis Resendez – El Teca in “Señora Acero”

No bad guy has a better backstory than El Teca. He’s a Narco Ugly Duckling! In high school, Teca had a big frizzy mop-top, a huge nose, and an even bigger (unrequited) crush on a young Sara (the future “Senora Acero”). His life became one long and bloody makeover to win Sara: He had plastic surgery, became a drug kingpin, and killed every boyfriend she ever had.

Jose Luis Resendez

#3) Raul Mendez – Chacorta in “El Señor de los Cielos”

In our opinion, Chacorta, the Cartel vice-president, stole every scene. We loved Chacorta for a million reasons, but it was his boredom with being a Narco, and his career change to serious movie producer that won us over. Almost as scary as Louie B. Mayer, Chacorta worked the phones better than David Geffen, and would have gone to Sundance if he made it to Season Three!


#2) Aaron Diaz – Santiago Cano in “Santa Diabla”

Santiago was crazy/beautiful, but he hid it so well that until the final episodes of this great novela, the worst thing anyone would have said about Santiago was that he was a lousy sax player. But from killing puppies as a child and blaming it on his brother Humberto, to persuading Humberto to decapitate their mother’s lover and blame it on Humberto’s wife/Santiago’s girlfriend Santa, to the shotgun wedding to Santa he organized (with a shotgun), and everything in between, no one was more of a surprise, or a worse sax player.

Aaron Diaz

#1) Miguel Varoni – Leandro Quezada in “Dueños del Paraiso”

This “SuperSeries” set in 1977 Miami Beach is full of extremely interesting malos. But in a show of evil standouts, no one shines like Don Leandro in his resort-wear collection of pastel leisure suits with complimentary sherbet-colored shirts. Whether taking Anastasia to lunch, where he has a guy with a rocket-launcher poised to blow off her head, or cruising down the Intercoastal looking for a good place to dump Nataniel’s coffin, Don Leandro, his gigantic glasses and excessive gold jewelry are always ready to go, to meet my 1977 parents for bagels and lox at the Rascal House.

So who would be your pick for the Most Malo of all the Malos? Let us know in the comment section below! Also, if you love talking about telenovelas 24/7, connect with me via @GringaNovelera on Twitter or visting Lagringanovelera.com!

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