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Top 5 Reasons to Watch Eva La Trailera

by Guest Gringa
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Top 5 Reasons to Watch Eva La Trailera

Telemundo has done it again! This time it’s a new novela that had us at Eva finding a strange lady hanging herself from the rafters in her new mansion! As if Moving Day wasn’t hard enough! If you are not already watching Eva La Trailera, our advice is to start right now! Here are just 5 reasons to watch!


  1. VALENTINA PARRAGA created Eva. Miss Parraga is La Senora de las Telenovelas, if you ask me! She has written more great telenovelas than I can count, but her name will be forever linked through novela history with the breathtaking La Patrona. Valentina Parraga writes stories that wrap around your brain and your heart, and tie you up in knots until the EXTREMELY GRAND FINALE. You don’t want to miss any telenovela with her brand on it.
  2. EDITH GONZALEZ as “Eva,” a truck driver. Who knew that this beautiful and delicate actress could drive a truck, let alone run an entire trucking company, all while fighting a cheating louse of a husband, repeatedly taking the knives out of her back coming from her “Comadre” and her own teenage daughter, and driving a rig with a stick-shift bigger than she is? Eva is juggling a lot of enemies, more than usual if you ask me. Yet she looks perfect, with a fun new hair-do, and Eva always finds time to engage in full-metal makeouts with her handsome new boyfriend.
  3. ERIKA DE LA ROSA as “Marlene/Comadre.” Right now, Erika has to be the hardest-working actress in telenovelas, and she is ALWAYS electrifying. She just finished as “Felicia” in Bajo el Mismo Cielo, where she went from being an annoying restauranteur to a Mob Boss without missing a beat, but then somehow ended up working in an orphanage after living in a box. In Eva, she is unbelievably diabolical as “Marlene,” and if history has taught us anything, I guarantee you that both Eva and her rotten husband Armando will live to regret cutting Marlene down from the ceiling when she was hanging herself in the bedroom of their new mansion.
  4. ROBERTO MATEOS as a telenovela Peter Pan. Well, I might be jumping the gun a bit, but his character’s name is “Pancho Pan,” and he and his firecracker of a wife Soraya have come to town to find their lost son, so something is happening in that direction – that name is no accident. Roberto Mateos is great in everything, and excels at being a Bad Guy. So far, he is charming, handsome, and a great husband, but the beauty of any character Roberto Mateos plays is that there is always something sinister just under the surface.
  5. INTERSTATE COMMERCE. Who knew that the trucking industry was so full of intrigue, glamour, and great looking people?!?! In Eva, the offices of Mon-Sol Trucking could be confused easily with the headquarters of Vogue magazine. And no one looks like a Teamster.


Eva La Trailera has an awesome cast, and is filled with many of your favorite noveleros! The action and drama never stops, and per capita, the show has more slaps than any novela I’ve ever seen! To join me on my journey learning Spanish from telenovelas, find me on Facebook and Twitter @GringaNovelera!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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