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Top 5 Reasons to Watch La Querida del Centauro

by Guest Gringa
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Top 5 Reasons to Watch La Querida del Centauro

There is nothing better than the Premiere of a new telenovela: It dulls the pain of your favorite old novela coming to an end, and gives you a new group of crazy characters and plots to daydream about. Last night’s EXTREMELY GRAND PREMIERE of “La Querida del Centauro” on Telemundo was as rollicking as I thought it would be! But how can you go wrong with Humberto Zurita and Ludwika Paleta falling in love in a co-ed prison with a Victoria’s Secret where the Commissary should be, and Michel Brown as the tough and unorthodox detective in love with La Querida too, to make it Three on a DangerousNovelaDate.

La Querido del Centauro2

Here are my Five Top Reasons To Watch “La Querida del Centauro,” although when you watch it you will have plenty of reasons of your own!

  1. HUMBERTO ZURITA as “El Centauro.” If you have ever seen Sr. Zurita in anything, then you know what I’m talking about. He is more than a Leading Man. He is a Leading Man who won’t steal your heart – you would give it to him gladly, even if there is a possibility he will then sell it to buy a piece of jewelry for another woman. Here he plays “El Centauro,” who according to the Chief of Police is not just a Narco – he is THE Narco. And as THE Narco, he Rules the School – which is the co-ed prison he lounges around in with his pals like A Novela Rat Pack.
  2. LUDWIKA PALETA as “Yolanda” aka “La Querida.” La Querida is one tough cookie. After she escapes prison in the first five minutes by beating up anyone who gets in her way, she goes to find her old boyfriend El Perro for her share of the crime profits. I know her character is smart and sexy, but someone needs to tell her she used remarkably bad judgement dating a man who calls himself “El Perro,” since in novelas, that’s about the biggest insult you can lay on someone.
  3. MICHEL BROWN as “Detective Duarte” He is so much more than an amazing pair of eyes. There is nothing wrong with the rest of his face either. Det. Duarte’s unorthodox methods will create lots of havoc on the show, but are a real boost for law enforcement as law-abiding women everywhere clamor to be arrested by him, but insist on calling their arrests “Dates,” and insist on being frisked every ten minutes. IMG_8707
  4. THE MUSIC – I’ll admit it. I am a sucker for every theme song of every telenovela I watch, and since I love the novela so much I never mind listening to the theme song two times a night, five nights a week, for six months. Even if it’s a song I would never like otherwise. But the music in LQDC is so AWESOME that I hope this novela comes with a soundtrack.
  5. THE CO-ED PRISON – I’ll never get over this and I can’t get enough of it. Never. It’s as though The Biggest Big 10 Fraternity and Sorority merged into one very dangerous House. The only difference is that people in the Greek system are a lot meaner. La Querido del Centauro Jail

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google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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