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Top 5 Reasons to Watch “Quien es Quien”

by Guest Gringa
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Top 5 Reasons to Watch “Quien es Quien”

I have been looking forward to writing this column for a long time! “Quien es Quien” is the newest novela on Telemundo, and is the funniest thing on TV in Spanish or English! It’s almost impossible to give you five reasons to watch QEQ because there are more like Five Gazillion Reasons to LOVE this great show! I’ll return with more in another edition of the blog! But for now, let’s start with these five…

  1. I AM IN IT!!: Que?!?! COMO?!?!? How did that happen? That’s another story, which I will tell you about muy pronto! But it’s true! When I was in Miami the wonderful people at Telemundo invited me to the set when they were filming, and then let me act in a scene with Ruben Morales! Well, “act” might be a reach. I WALKED past him! And you can look for me in Episode 60!
  2. EUGENIE SILLER AS TWINS! What’s better than twins separated at birth? When one of them is the unhappy and rich “Leonardo,” who doesn’t know he is a twin, has amnesia, and thinks he is the poor but happy “Perico,” who knows he is a twin, is having a blast pretending to be “Leonardo,” and Eugenio Siller plays them both! Eugenio is a constant delight in this role. I can’t say enough great things about him here! He’s fantastic and you will fall in love with him in either, or both, roles! QuienesQuien3
  3. RUBEN MORALES (“JUSTINO) & MEMO QUINTANILLA (“CHAMOY”) QEQ has one of the best and biggest casts I have ever seen, and two of our favorites steal every scene they are in, which is apropos because they play two of the worse villains ever. These two could star in their own spin-off called “Quien es Mas Malo?!” Want to know just how bad they are? Justino doesn’t let his long-suffering wife watch her telenovela, and the convict Chamoy never stops combing his moustache while chewing gigantic wads of gum, hitting up the other prisoners, and hitting on the other prisoners’ visitors.QuienEsQuien4
  4. IT’S A TELENOVELA WITHIN A TELENOVELA! It’s always fun when characters in a telenovela accuse each other of acting like they are in a telenovela, but that never happened enough until QEQ! The whole Perez family watches the novela “En Otra Piel” together! Even Perico! EOP was tremendous, and starred many of the same actors that are in QEQ, including Laura Flores (playing Eugenio’s mother in both!), Silvana Arias (deliriously fun as “Coco”), and Memo. When they are not watching telenovelas they are talking about telenovelas! Whether life imitates art or art imitates life, this is a real treat for the audience. Or are we the co-stars? QuienEsQuien2
  5. CARLOS ESPEJEL AS “BASILIO” Watching the charming Carlos Espejel as Leonardo’s right-hand man, who knows that Perico is posing as Leonardo, is pure joy! The audience can’t wait to see what he does next! A scene where Basi helps “Perico/Leonardo” with negotiations in major piñata deal (you heard me) by feeding him the lines in a high-tech version of Cyrano de Bergerac is an instant classic! You’ve got to watch him! QuienEsQuien1

My excitement with QEQ is jumping off this page! If you want to read my daily comments about this wonderful novela as well as the other Telemundo novelas as I learn Spanish from them please follow me on Facebook/Twitter @gringanovelera! Gracias!

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