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Top 5 Telenovela Villainesses

by Guest Gringa
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5 Top Telenovela Villainesses!

As novela fans know, telenovela villainesses are scarier than any monster Stephen King ever dreamed up. But unlike a monster in a horror story, these ladies are almost always beautiful and highly accessorized. Great villainesses have long been the backbone of novelas, and since we could never list all of them, we bring you the Modern Classics. (But we can never talk about these scary staples of novelas without paying tribute to Maria Rubio as Catalina in “Cuna De Lobos,” whose eye-patch always matched her outfits.)Cuna

1) Enriquetta in “Senora Acero” (Rebecca Jones)

Enriquetta was a cosmetologist who laundered money through her beauty shop, but that’s routine. She was a spectacular villainess because she also performed liposuction and breast implant surgeries in the Color Room behind the hairdryers, and her anesthesiologist was a hit-man. She kept medical costs down because the patients never woke up.


2) Fernanda/Victoria in “Corazon Valiente” (Aylin Mujica)

OK, I only watched the final two weeks of CV, and did not know any Spanish when I watched it, but I did not need to understand the language to figure out that in the final episode Fernanda cooked up her evil father’s evil heart for dinner. Without fava beans or a nice Chianti.


3) Mrs. Cano in “Santa Diabla” (Gilda Haddock)

No one ever wants a novela villainess for a mom, but only a baby-supermodel could have survived a mother who paid another woman to raise her newborn daughter and claimed the baby died in childbirth because she was born with a missing eye. And when confronted years later with the one-eyed Alicia, Mom refuses to apologize.

Mrs Cano2

4) Ines in “Santa Diabla” (Ximena Duque)

The lovely, charming and criminally insane “Preciosa” cheerfully killed a lot of people, forgot she had been pregnant with one child, and abandoned a different child at birth. But her greatest moment came during the staged (by her) kidnapping of herself and a blindfolded Santiago, when she screamed that she was being raped, while she actually was giving herself a manicure.


5) Antonia in “La Patrona” (Christian Bach)

In novelas, the daughters-in-law are too terrified to make mother-in-law jokes, and Antonia was the Mother of Them All. She not only killed half the men in town, including her own son, just to frame Gaby for the murders, she also kidnapped her own grandson and strapped dynamite to his chest while wearing a skintight leather jumpsuit that she looked GREAT in.


Who is your favorite villainess of the telenovela? Did we miss one from our Top  5 list? Make sure you add it into the comment section below! Also, if you love talking about telenovelas 24/7, connect with me via @GringaNovelera on Twitter or visting Lagringanovelera.com!

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