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Top Five Reasons We Love Ana Osorio

by Guest Gringa
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Top Five Reasons We Love Ana Osorio

Hola! Gringa Novelera here! Great talent bursts at the seams of every novela, and that includes actor Ana Osorio. Ana is from Venezuela, grew up in Miami, and was just out of high school when she was cast in a major role in the exceptional telenovela Santa Diabla. Since then, Ana has been on a non-stop ride of new characters and new novelas. Ana wants us to know she is ready for whatever comes next, and that includes her desire to cross-over into the English-speaking market!

Here are just a few of the reasons we love Ana:

  1. Ana plays the ukulele. And it suits her perfectly. The ukulele is a Hawaiian adaptation of a stringed instrument known as the “Portuguese Machete!” Can you think of a better instrument for a novelera to play than one descended from a MACHETE, even if it is different from the machete used to cut off sugar cane and people’s heads? Just like the tone of a ukulele can vary, Ana has shown us how versatile she is in a series of captivating roles. And just like a ukulele, Ana is small, powerful, and very charming.
  2. Ana can play The Mean Girl. In Duenos del Paraiso, Ana played “Daytona,” the Extremely Mean Girl who Ruled the School. DDP was a fantastic Telemundo telenovela set in a candy-colored, cocaine-crazed 1970’s Miami. With a classic hairstyle, and the coolest name ever, Ana played the scariest high-school senior I have ever seen, and I went to an all-girl high school so I know what I am talking about. Even though Daytona could be very cruel, Ana found Daytona’s humanity, so we worried about Daytona a bit. Not too much though.
  3. Ana’s first telenovela was Santa Diabla! In the award-winning telenovela Santa Diabla, Ana starred as “Daniela,” the Poor Little Rich Girl with the World’s Worst Parents. The only time her parents ever noticed her was when she blocked her father’s view of the mirror, or when her mother wanted to date Daniela’s boyfriend, who was also Daniela’s teacher. When Daniela wasn’t taking whatever drugs she could get her hands on, or framing said teacher for a rape that never happened, Daniela could be found crying somewhere. And who could blame her?!
  4. Ana keeps us guessing. Ana is so talented and versatile that in her current novela Eva la Trailera, we don’t know what move her character “Camila” is going to make next. Ana has made Camila one of the most complex characters in this great novela. We want the best for this troubled soul, because Ana makes us care about every character she plays.
  5. Ana is a Triple-Threat. Or a Quadruple-Threat. Ana not only acts, and plays the ukulele, but she is a singer and songwriter too, and frequently performs with her sister Maye Osorio, another talented member of the family. If you have not seen them live, you can see their performances with the Latin Grammy-nominated Venezuelan musician Mr. Paure on You Tube. They are fantastic! Great things are coming for Ana Osorio, in both Spanish and English-language entertainment!


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google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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