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Top Tweets of the Week

by La Rubia
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Las Gringas Picks for This Week’s Best Tweets from Our Followers and Those We Follow!

When La Rubia y La Roja aren’t out and about exploring the world or busy writing posts, they spend a lot…a lot of time of Twitter. It is a really great way for us to stay in touch with the community, find out information and just plain interact…you know how it works! So, Las Gringas would like to share with you, those special tweets that stuck with us the most. No doubt as we go along this list will grow, but for now we chose our fave three.

#1 Juan Alanis of @juanofwords, blogger, writer, director of Houston LATISM chapter

Juan has a great perspective, and an equally awesome voice when it comes to his writing and his tweets! This week’s top tweet is his Mexican Word of the Day! It never hurts us gringas to get in a little extra vocab! So, we love it!

@juanofwords: And Today’s #Mexican Word of the Day is ¡Mitotero! #blog #vocabulary #writing #latino

#2 Phillippe Diederich @PhilDiederich, writer, documentary photographer, educator

Phillippe is always sharing engaging and informative content! This week’s top tweet links to his post which cleared up an important issue for us…the origin of the word gringo and whether or not it’s intended to be an offensive term (good news: It’s not!).

@PhilDiederich: #Gringos, false etymology and epithets| VOXXI #languages #words

#3 Hector Macho Camacho @itsmachotime, professional boxer

Our last top tweet is a little funnier than the other two. It was directed straight at us, and caused a bit of confusion on our part. We’ve spent some time trying to figure it out, and may have come up with a couple viable options. See if you can guess what it means!

@lasgringasblog come to my reality

That rounds out our Top Tweets for this week! It was hard to pick because we are lucky enough to interact with lots of amazing tweeters, and we look forward to featuring even more next week!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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