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Univision’s “Sh*t Politicians Say to Latinos” Video

by La Rubia
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Univision News Creates Social Commentary Out of Internet Meme.

I don’t know how Las Gringas missed this one last week, but we finally stumbled across it thanks to Latina magazine! I know I’ve definitely mentioned it already, but I really like this particular internet meme, even though its kind of been over done…just a teensy bit. This time, at the expense of politicians in the U.S., Univision News has reworked the original joke to suit their specific needs to a hilarious end.

I guess the possibilities are kind of endless with this whole “Sh*t____Say” thing, but some smart people are shaking up the original joke to create social commentary out of the humor. Notably, Being Latino posted their spoof of things you will never hear a Latino say (Loved it…I think the Marc Antony bit might have been my favorite, but the whole video is good!), and now Univision is getting in on the action, but instead of creating their own punchlines, they just co-opted the words of a few select politicians to create their “Sh*t Politicians Say to Latinos“. They’ve got everyone in there from the governator to most of the GOP candidates for 2012 to former President Bush to President Obama. Added bonus, they also give you a quick summary of the most popular “Sh*t ____Say” videos on YouTube…so far.

Check Out “Sh*t Politicians Say to Latinos” Aquí:


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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