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Vote for Las Gringas to Meet Pitbull

by Las Gringas
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La Roja y La Rubia Enter Video “International Love” Contest!

No surprise here! Las Gringas have both submitted videos for Pitbull‘s “International Love” Contest for a chance to meet Mr. 305 plus receive tickets to a future US concert. Awesome right!?

Hoping to grab Pitbull’s attention with footage from his beloved Miami plus his token product placements, La Roja set out to film on Calle Ocho while incoporating two of Pitbull’s products (Voli Vodka and Sheets). Add to that La Rubia’s fabulous editing skills and you have 2 awesome videos!

Click for to vote for La Rubia! Go to page 4 and look for Molly:

Click  to vote for La Roja! Go to page 3 and look for Amanda:

Thanks to everyone for their support. When we entered the contest, there was no mention of a voting period, so we were totally caught by surprise!! You can vote once per day, so please come back. Whether we win or not, this was a fun excuse to break out our video skills. Also, a big gracias to Tim D. who helped us shoot the local footage!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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