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We Are Forever: Vayamos Juntos Forever Series

by Amanda La Gringa
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We Are Forever: Vayamos Juntos Forever Series

Every rising artist has a dream… be famous, tour the world and perform in the biggest stages, but for We Are Forever, a group of 4 friends from Indiana, it was just about enjoying their friendship through their music and celebrate their diversity. A little bit about the band: Chilango immigrant brothers Ricky and Alex Ayala started this project and then teamed up with their schoolmates and friends Aren Anderson and Alex Nauth to create what is now known as, We Are Forever. Really digging that name, anyone else?


So this is where Toyota comes in! This brand, which clearly values diversity and the power of music to inspire, partnered with these emerging artists and joined them on a trip through a few of the most musically rich historical cities of the USA, accompanied by the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Rav 4 vehicles. Sounds like a pretty spectacular trip, if you ask me!

So take things to the next level, Toyota also joined efforts with Telemundo to create their first web series called: “Vayamos Juntos Forever” and take us through the life and musical journey of the band. The first 4 episodes of this wonderful journey full of laughs and corky moments are now live on Telemundo.com, so you can check them out for yourself!

Along with the web series, you can find a lot more content about each member of the band, their families and their life stories.

Thanks to Toyota and Telemundo “Vayamos Juntos Forever” is much more than the story of a rising band; it’s a great example of how diversity can only makes us better and stronger.

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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