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What to Wear in Latin America Travel

by Amanda La Gringa
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Any Latin American travel is famous for long hours on planes, airports or a combination of both. Plus, the preoccupation for safety and security, speaking the language, knowing the culture and trying not to look like the crazy gringo guys from the National Lampoon’s Vacation. Yes, those guys.


I consider myself a veteran in anything related to crazy hours on planes, trains and automobiles. I studied in Indiana but went to Buenos Aires at least twice a year – with stops in Chicago, Miami, Bolivia and Uruguay…all on the same trip in order to save on airfare. Traveling comfortable and light were just two of the mandatories at the time of scoring a successful trip south of the border. And now, I can comfortably share with you, WHAT TO WEAR IN LATIN AMERICAN TRAVEL.

Wear Anything with Pockets. Things like your paper boarding passes, small cash, and receipts could be easily put away on the go if you have sufficient pockets, so you can easily focus on your passport and wallet . Put away at least $40 in cash spread out around all of your pockets- just in case your wallet goes missing or stolen.

Pants with Pockets!

Paige Denim cropped jeans

Sanctuary cropped pants

Wear Stretchy Fabric Chances are you will be sitting for a while – on the actual plane or at the terminal waiting for it. As stylish as your super skinny jeans are, they will get very old come hour number 4 ,when you are stuck on the window seat, dying to go to the restroom, and the old guy next to you does not wake up. Yup. The last thing you do is a narrow waistband pushing extra hard on your bladder.

Wear Flats. I used to be a fan of sneakers for long travel, but I have changed my mind in the past years. Ballet flats are not only cuter and fun, but also easy to put on and off at security and more forgiving when your feet get swollen mid air.

Travel Flats

A great tote bag. Amanda has the biggest, reddest tote bag I have seen in a while and it’s the most useful thing around. She packs laptop, Iphone, tons of chargers, snacks, notebooks, makeup, and even a water bottle. Make sure yours has a secure compartment for your passport and wallet, but other than that, the bigger the better – specially if you are checking your bag and you might need an extra set of clothes or your toothbrush handy at all times!

Travel Tote Bags

DO NOT.jpg

Wear Tons of Jewelry. It goes off at security, and who wants a chunky bracelet or a statement necklace getting caught all over the place. Plus, your #1 goal as you arrive to your selected country is to blend in, not stand out! Keep it simple. You’ll be much happier in the long run (or long flight!).

Pretend Wedges are Comfortable Footwear. They are better than regular heels, sure. But if your first plane gets delayed and you have only 30 minutes to go across the Dallas airport, wedges are not going to make you walk on air. If you are hooked on wedges, as you should because they are super cute, pack them in your carry on and then put them on as you are leaving the airport. We will keep your secret!

Bring your Most Expensive Watch. What for? You are on vacation – enjoy it. Wear something casual that doesn’t call too much attention and does the #1 thing a watch should do – tell the time.

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