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Which Telenovela are you? Quiz

by Guest Gringa
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Which Telenovela are you? Quiz Time!

Que tal! It’s LaGringa Novelera here, with more Novela Talk! A few weeks ago, in a move of historical significance, Telemundo gave us a new National Holiday dubbed “MarTres,” which every good Gringa knows meant the premiere of three new novelas: “Silvana Sin Lana,” “Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso,” and “Senora Acero 3: La Coyote.” These novelas could not be more different from one another, and could not be more fun. They have all just started so if you can’t watch all three of them, pick one and go for it!

How do you know which series suits you? Try this personality test on for size:

  1. Are you an impossibly beautiful, rich and kind woman whose husband just ran out on you in his private plane one step ahead of the FBI? Did he leave you with three gorgeous but spoiled daughters, a battle-axe of a mother, and an empty bank account?Are you trying to start over in your new, tiny home and working for the first time in your life? Do you like being surrounded by fish? Is everything going to be o.k. because your new next-wall neighbor is the impossibly handsome and well-loved fishmonger known as “El Tiburon?” Are you a Maritza Rodriguez, Carlos Ponce and Adriana Barraza fan? Then “Silvana Sin Lana” is for you! SilvanaSinLana1300x200
  2. Are you an impossibly beautiful, poor and kind teenager living in a cruel town in Colombia, where the only future for women involves getting gigantic breast implants and either marrying a Narco, becoming a Narco, or both? Did your mother name you for your dead sister? Have you and your high-school girlfriends joined forces with the most handsome journalist in the land to defeat La Diabla and her teenage daughter, who is also your classmate? Are you glad you are not a teacher at that high school? Are you a Carolina Gaitan, Catherine Siachoque, Fabian Rios and Juan Pablo Llano fan? Then “Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso” has your name all over it.Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso
  3. Are you an impossibly beautiful, adventurous and brave woman living on La Frontera?? Are you a Gringa by day and Coyote by night? Do you battle the Narcos as you try to bring people safely across the border? Do you hate the Narcos with a burning passion, but now OMG you just found out you are the daughter of the biggest dead Narco in Mexico and your incredibly handsome boyfriend is the son of the biggest living Narco in Mexico who is about to run for Governor? Or, maybe you are you a grown woman who models bras on You-Tube, just married an extremely wealthy yet elderly man for 500 million dollars, and you confide in Barbie dolls. Are a fan of Carolina Miranda, Lincoln Palomeque, Adrian DiMonte, Litzy, Ana Lucia Dominguez, and a Cast of Thousands, all of them crazy? Do you like the sound of this insanity? Then your show is “Senora Acero 3: La Coyote! “ senora-acero-3-cast

Whichever show you choose, you’ll be right. Because with a great novela, you can’t go wrong. For more of my sideways views of novelas, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook @gringanovelera! Gracias y hasta luego!

google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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