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Yahaira New Artist Interview

by Amanda La Gringa
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Yahaira New Artist Interview

Las Gringas are all about supporting new artists…which is why we were super stoked to receive this shout out and interview from Yahaira, who is like defintely a triple threat- urban pop singer, songwriter and music producer! This colombiana grew up in a musical house hold surrounded by melodies and support by her family. This allowed her to grow her talent and eventually move to New York to pursue her career in music.

The musica of Yahaira is right up our alley as we love the mezcla of genres and languages! She has found a way to combine Pop, Rap and Dance music in Spanish and English in her debut album “Sexy.” The song that caught our attention is her new single “Baile Del Amor” which highlights her signing ability plus her rapping skills….PLUS there’s tons of glitter and sequins happening in this video, which kept me zoned in!

So, watch the clips below…and let us know what you think about Yahaira!

Baile Del Amor Video


Yahaira sends some love to Las Gringas!


google.com, pub-3754105887774870, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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